Sony BMG employees face sack for NOT blogging?

Sony BMGAccording to The Register, Sony BMG’s new corporate marketing strategy “has made it obligatory for all senior staff at both Columbia Records and RCA Records to start blogging actively”.Although a Sony BMG spokesman said employees would not be sacked for failing to blog, he did say it would be “frowned upon” and neglected to mention how non-blogging staff would be dealt with.Is it just me, or is this the stupidest idea since… er… the dawn of time?Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of great ‘corporate’ bloggers out there – it’s just that these people do it out of choice. They’re also articulate, well-informed and know when not to blog.If it were any other company it would be bad enough, but Sony companies (and Sony BMG in particular) have one of the worse reputations imaginable. Encouraging – nay, forcing employees to talk about the internal workings such a company is simply asking for trouble.

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