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Dom Ramsey: Chocolate expert & chocolate consultantI’m a chocolate expert, writer, NPD chef, consultant and Academy of Chocolate award winning chocolate maker based in London. My book, Chocolate, covering all aspects of the chocolate world, with an emphasis on bean-to-bar is available now in all good bookshops, published by Dorling Kindersley.

Chocolate BookI’m Founder and chocolate maker at XTC Chocolate, Founder & Editor of Chocablog, Founder of Bean&Bar and Co-Founder of Cocoa Runners and World Chocolate Guide. I’m also a a judge at the World Chocolate Masters, Academy of Chocolate Awards and International Chocolate Awards.

My love of chocolate started in 2006 when I started my chocolate blog Chocablog at a time when I knew little about the industry and my access to the best chocolate was limited. At the time, there were no other chocolate blogs and very few resources for chocolate enthusiasts, so I had to teach myself everything from scratch. Now with over 12 years experience writing about everything from artisan chocolatiers and bean-to-bar products to supermarket confectionery, I still find something new to learn almost every day.

I’ve traveled the world in my search for great chocolate, visiting cocoa plantations in Grenada & Hawaii, chocolate shops around Europe and even an award winning chocolate factory inside a prison in Milan. I’ve helped run public and corporate chocolate tastings, spoken on stage at London’s Chocolate Show and met many of the real artisans and cocoa farmers who produce some of the best chocolate in the world.

Chocolate has become my passion as well as my job. Whether it be finding a new bar, meeting a new chocolate maker or sharing my passion for great chocolate at a tasting event, the excitement is always there. As a chocolate expert, my clients cover the industry complete spectrum, from small British craft chocolatiers to America’s largest confectionery companies.

Media Coverage

I’ve written about the explosion of small batch chocolate makers, and the challenges facing the chocolate industry, from both ethical and sustainability points of view. I’ve contributed to pieces for BBC News, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Mail, Shortlist Magazine and Caffeine Magazine and regularly give interviews on the chocolate industry in a variety of media.

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Here’s just a small selection of recent print media coverage & contributions.

Current Work

  • Development Chef, Natural Balance Foods

    Nakd and Trek are well known healthy snacking brands in the UK and worldwide. In my work here, I have been helping to create healthier chocolate products that are both free from refined sugar and dairy as well as artificial sweeteners and allergens. You can taste some of my work in the widely available Trek Power and Nakd Chocolish range.

  • Chocablog

    Chocablog is the world’s longest running and most popular blog dedicated entirely to chocolate, with over 30,000 followers and subscribers across social media platforms.

  • Bean&Bar

    Bean&Bar is a database of the world’s bean-to-bar chocolate makers and the bars that they produce. Currently work in progress, the site will eventually allow users to rate and review any chocolate bar, picking out flavour notes and textures, and receive recommendations for other bars based on their ratings.

  • Taste.Life

    Taste.Life is a brand new food, drink and travel blog. While chocolate remains my passion, it has led me to discover a whole world of food and drink that I wanted to write about. Taste.Life is my outlet for this.

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