People are stupid

To the anonymous person that sent me this mail…

ipod nanos cant play videos only the new video ipod can ……… idiot

… I have to tell you that videos play just fine on my Nano.

The mail was a response to me posting
this little demo on Google Video.

This quite clearly states that it’s a demo of iPod Linux.

I do wish people would check their facts (or even just watch the damn video!) before calling me an idiot.

9 thoughts on “People are stupid

  1. Yo I believe it’s possible, I have a video wich i would like… but I don’t think I’m enough good in coding to afford a non-secure operation on my Ipod :S

    Anyway, I trust you

  2. Nice… does the video have to be in m4v format like on the video ipod? And how long does the battery last playing videos?

  3. Mh, is it worth trying that ? I’ve heard that the size increases dramatically when converting standard videos to the format supported by the Ipod/Linux.

    Is it possible watching longer movies ?

  4. Dude, what process did you use to get the nano version of the linux installation on there? – i wanna try this on my nano but not sure of the process right now.

  5. how i put he video on teh ipod? i don’t know a lot of computers so i’m stucked, i already have the linux, but don’t know how to put games and videos. anyone can help me? thnks

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