More iPod Nano / Linux Stuff

I’ve put another iPod Linux video on Google – “playing” Half Life on the Nano. You can see it here.

Remember, to do this, you’ll need to install iPod Linux. You’ll also need iDoom installed, and the Half Life .wad file. You can find a list of wads that work with iDoom here.

65 thoughts on “More iPod Nano / Linux Stuff

  1. any possible way for people outside the us to watch the vids? or are there any screenshots available?

    im too lazy to search the net myself =)

    greetz, HiGhFi

  2. Thanks for your interest in Google Video.

    Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn’t available in your country

    Please upload somewhere elese, Google Video only works for US, and the US != World

  3. Got here through [H]ardocp as well. I didn’t know video was possible on the Nano!? Linux necessary…checkin’ now. Anyhoo, thanks for the hl2 video, good stuff!

  4. You put the quotes in the wrong place. You are playing “half-life” on the nano, as in you are playing Doom on an iPod which is well documented and straightforward to accomplish.

    Except you changed the WAD file. Wow. Way to go.

  5. Hey man, Nice video, i admire your work. I installed ipod linux and everything seemed to work fine even after I placed podzilla and start in the root folder. However when i boot to linux on the nano, it says that theres a problem with the filename “podzilla” But i know its there!!! lol, can you help me out man? If anyone can, Its greatly appreciated


  7. i have ipod linux on my nano it does run videos and i have many games on it such as doom 1 and 2 and half life its not hard to fix your ipod if you mess it up you use the HP usb formating tool and then format your ipod under the FAT32 format and then it will whipe it out but there is no apple firmware on it so you just restore it with the lastest apple ipod updater and its back to normal

    i know i have bad grammer

  8. So, like every one else asks, how exactly did you install linux on iPod. it would be awsome to me if you could maybe give me some step by step instructions. the ones i followed from linux forums dont seem to work, did you do it a different way? Thanx man.

  9. yea ,i dont gett it either how u did that wit the nano. i tried wit my nano and it comes up witht eh blue letters and then at the end says (after i followed all steps):
    pid 32: failed 256
    pid 33: failed 256
    Shell invoked to run f
    /hp/start: no such fil
    Command: Podzilla

    how did u do it! tell me step by step plzplzpzpzlzpzlpzlpzlpzlplpzplzlpz!

  10. Hi there i have a white 2g ipod nano and i was wondering if i can put videos on it. i also have the ipod updater if somthin goes wrong so i was wondering if you could please send me the steps tht i have to take and also how to put videos on it.if you could give me the site tht i could get the softwear from.

  11. I also have the white ipod nano! I was also wondering if you could tell me the steps on how to put videos on my ipod and what I need to download thanks!

    • go to and select ur ipod type. go to youtube and type in "rockbox for ipod nano" and u should c som results on how to put it on ur ipod. this will get u vids and much more. it is awsome. i have an ipod nano 2g and i want linux on it also.. any one hav an answer for that?

  12. the ipod-linux installer keep giving me messages “no ipod detected”. i plugged my 2gig ipod nano in but it don’t detect it. plz can any tell me how to install it on the nano.

  13. I’m scared if i mess up my whole ipod will be ruined,but im still gonna try it. And whats this shit of all u guys talkin about half life is doom er(something). WTF!!????

  14. Hey, i havce a 2gb black nano, i tried installing this, last night, and my ipod got all screwed up. I used the hp format utility, but i was to lazy to do the rest, so i just returned it and bought a new one. I was just wondering, what download did you use to do it? I used the basic download on there website the 1st time. I think im going to try it again, should i get it?

  15. everyone ive tried it for 4 days non stop i n i couldnt get it to work but my friend did it in 1 night using same steps only on his laptop. he did mine and it works. it plays videos easily. the only advice i can give is to try on another computer. he also used 2 laptops as on his main 1 the aes part didnt work. for some strange reason it didnt work on my pc. keep on trying you will get there in the end. half life is rubbish. and there is no way your ipod can get screwed you can easily format it and restore it. im gonna watch sum more videos on my nano so see ya

  16. Hey. I’ve bean trying to figure out how to download ipod Linux and idoom for about a month now, so far I’ve bean able to put them in my ipod folders but i can’t figure out how to run them. If you can help please run me through all the steps in detail. you’ve got my e-mail address, so please e-mail me back with your results.

  17. thats SICK i so wanaa do that with my ipod nano how do u do it can u give me the steps i tried installing linux on my upod nano but as soon as the installer starts the installer doesnt responde and i have to exit

  18. is there any was to mess up your ipod nano so that y cant fix it beacause my first 1 busted and i did not know that you could restore it so i sent it back and i want 2 know if i mess this 1 up an i screwed or not

  19. pid 32: failed 256
    pid 33: failed 256
    Shell invoked to run f
    /hp/start: no such fil
    Command: Podzilla


  20. Hi everyone PLEASE READ EASY QUESTION i got all the way to the part where i had to go into Command Prompt and had to type aes 2 /info to start out with BUT it said AES wasnt a command nor batch file and whatnot DOES this mean i just have to use a differnt computer,windows version,of like use Mac



  21. Hello, I can’t install the ipodlinux because the installation can’t detect my ipod too 🙁 I have a 4 GB nano, and I really want to play videos and games in it, Could someone helps me? Very thanks in advance, and a greeting. My e-mail is

  22. i have been trying relentlessly to install iPod Linux on my new iPod Nano 2G
    but with no success at all.

    1. i first tried with all well-known Windows installers
    all of them failed to detect the iPod. they all gave
    error 0 and either asked me to connect the iPod or
    said that they could not detect an iPod disk. all this
    even when the iPod was connected and available in
    Windows explorer and iTunes.

    2. i then tried installing from Linux. this time, more
    success. i was able to repartition the iPod disk and
    extract the MBR and OS from partition 1. HOWEVER,
    make_fw simply failed to extract apple_os.bin from
    the OS partition data. it always only extracts 40 bytes.
    i tried using make_fw from Windows with the same results.

    3. i tried downgrading the iPod firmware using an old iPod
    updater from Apple. however, this older tool does not
    support my iPod.

    my configuration:
    – iPod Nano 2G
    – latest iTunes

    how were you successful with putting iPod Linux on your Nano 2G?

  23. as far as i know, it has not been possible to
    install Linux on the iPod Nano 2G (2nd
    generation). it does work on the Nano 1G (1st

    actually, i tried several ways of installing
    Linux on my iPod Nano 2G. all of them failed
    because iPodLinux is still not supported on
    the Nano 2G. note the 2G.

    however, i do know what steps to take to install
    Linux on the iPod Nano. these do not work with
    the 2G Nano but will work on the Nano 1G. these
    are the best set of instructions i could get off
    the net.

    pls visit these pages for help with installing
    Linux on the Nano. note that these instructions
    will not work with the iPod Nano 2G.

    Nano Installer – wikiPodLinux

    iPod Linux Installer for Nano

    what model iPod do you have? if you have a Nano
    2G, you should visit this website and join its
    mailing list.

    iPod Nano 2G Linux

    iPod Nano 2G Linux Registration

    iPod Nano 2G Linux

    Linux4nano-dev — Hardware and developpement mailing list.

    here are some useful iPod hack pages.

    iPod Super

    Hidden iPod Commands

  24. Has anyone gotten this to work on a 2nd gen nano? All of you seem confused and i cant find any other sites. I have a 8gb black nano. Are you sure this wont permanently ruin it? pleasw email me

  25. Hi Don, I was wondering if it was possible for me to get iPod Linux and get videos on my First Generation iPod Nano? If so, how would I do that?
    -Thanks, Alex Szilagyi

  26. hi guys i was wondering 2 questions one how do u get movies and music videos on an ipod nano 2gb ? and second from limwire how do u put movies into itunes thanks if anyone can help cya.Brett

  27. you guys are idiots cant you tell they aint gonna answer you…ive been surfing the net all nite… its simple U CANT DO IT ON A NEWER 2G IPOD

  28. ipod linux does not support 2nd gen nanos, at least not yet, the nano is encrypted thus very hard to hack, its gonna be a few months before its compatible with linux, so all u that have 2nd gen nanos, just be patient

  29. can any body help my i cant install liunix or rockbox on my ipod nano its a silver 2G nano so can any one pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaseee help my please

  30. I have been trying to install ipod linux on my first generation ipod nano 2g. The firmware defaulted with 1.2. I have attempted several times to get it to work and it just wont. Could anyone please help me. My email address is thanks, Derek

  31. Looks like has been taken down, and I can’t find their files anywhere else. Any clues? Thanks!


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