London 2012 censoring comments?

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that annoy me most.

Yesterday I posted a comment on the official London 2012 blog about the new “logo”. It wasn’t a particularly kind comment, but it was relatively polite… all things considered.

But for some reason my comment has not been approved while other comments, posted later, have been. And judging by the comments that have been approved on the blog, they’re picking and choosing which comments they do post. While there are a few  (slightly) negative comments, it seems like they’re picking out the “kinder” comments and just posting a few less kind comments to give the appearance of “balance”.

London 2012I’ve no doubt they’ll say they can only post a selection of the best comments, but given the general reaction to the new logo, I can’t help but think they’re censoring comments in an attempt to make themselves look good.Oh – and you’ll notice I’ve used the old “candidate city” logo for this post. I refuse to use that excuse for a logo here. For one thing, I can think of far better uses for £400,000 of Londoners’ money (like maybe spend it on a venue that would have a lasting benefit for London). And I wouldn’t want to give anyone a seizure either.

UpdateLondon 2012 have posted a comment on their own blog which admits they are actively censoring negative coments:

We have received many comments that reflect the tenor of negative comments found elsewhere on the web. Rather than act as an echo chamber we have published a selection here that say something a little different.

Is it just me, or is that absolutely not the way to have a fair and open discussion? I’m quite sure there were plenty of well written – but negative – comments, but instead they’ve chosen to show only the comments that make them look good in the face of overwhelmingly bad publicity.

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