LG KE850 “Prada” Phone

LG PradaLast week I bought myself a Prada phone as a birthday present, and as it’s a bit different I thought I’d do a little review.

The Prada phone has been compared to Apple’s iPhone by many – primarily because of its large, buttonless touch screen but also because of the stylish interface.

My first impression on opening the box for the first time was simply “Oh”. Picking it up for the first time is not particularly excitement inducing. Without the battery, it’s very light and somewhat plasticy. The front looks nice, but the chrome colured side trim has a particularly cheap feel.

Parts of this phone are simply gorgeous and parts of it are stupidly annoying. The touchscreen interface takes a few days getting used to, but I don’t think I’d want to go back to a phone with buttons now. The entire interface is written in Flash and is simple and clean with nice little animations.

Typing texts is a bit difficult and emails aren’t worth bothering with – the on-screen keyboard simply replicates a standard phone keypad with [1abc] [2def] type keys. I’m sure they could have found a way to fit a QWERTY style keypad on the screen if they wanted to.The web browser is crap. I’ve installed Opera Mini on mine, which is much better although still a bit difficult to control with on-screen buttons overlaid on the screen.

LG Prada

The MP3 and video players are fairly decent. Video playback looks pretty damn good at full screen and the player allows you to stretch or zoom video to fill the screen. The MP3 player is one of the nicest I’ve seen on a phone and the speaker is loud enough to listen to music without headphones. It takes Micro SD cards, and you can get a 2Gb card for £10 these days, so it’s probably a viable alternative to an iPod Nano. Although I have found there seems to be an audible ‘click’ between tracks.

If you do want to use headphones, you have to plug them into a lead with external controls which in turn plugs into the power socket, so you can’t use headphones while charging it. And you have to plug the headphones in via the lead if you want to listen to the FM radio – so I can’t see me using that feature a lot.

Why phone manufacturers can’t just put a standard 3.5mm jack on phones is beyond me. Half modern phones are sold partly as personal media players these days, but it’s still a lot of hassle to actually use them as one.Speaking of hassle, the sync software that comes with the phone is supplied on a mini (8cm) CD and does not appear to be available for download anywhere. For me, that renders it completely useless. All the drives in all my computers are slot-load drives which can’t take 8cm CDs. How difficult would it be to include a full sized CD – or even to include the software on the memory card that comes with the phone. If you plug the phone into a USB port, it’s instantly recognised as a mass storage device anyway.

The (2 megapixel) camera is fairly average, but I’ve not played with it much. I don’t expect it will ever produce great results, given the lens (and the rest of the phone) are always covered with fingerprints.Battery life sucks somewhat. No more than a few hours MP3 playback and an absolute maximum of 3 days on standby. My old Windows Mobile phone managed 8-10 days between charges.

The build quality is just baffling. It has a gorgeous screen with a completely stupid chrome-effect plastic trip around the edge that just feels cheap. Oh, and a fiddly little plastic ‘door’ covering the power socket which I know is going to break off at some point.

But it’s still the nicest phone I’ve ever had and I’m glad I bought it and that’s mainly down to the touch screen interface. It just feels a bit like they rushed it out just to get to market before the iPhone. With a little bit more attention to detail it could have been an amazing phone.

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  1. the LGKE850 PRADA is an amazing phone that i have never sen its king i bought it and i am really enjoying it anyone who wanted a good comunication and entertaining phone should go for it i have them for sale too
    my email is rowkin66@yahoo.com

  2. My girlfriend got the prada phone relatively recently as a gift from her ‘daddy’… she’s a macfangirl, that’s why, but is rather underwhelmed after using apple product 24/7. Personally, I quite like the chrome trim, though it beginning to wear off and looking shitty. The text/email keyboard is utterly useless, you’re right, and the browser is piss-poor. Saving graces include some of the animation, and the fact you can ‘hover’ over items with your digit and it pulses, then lift to activate. The games are good, would have liked tic-tac-toe on it though, or a sudoku generator, but meh. I’m definitely going to ‘upgrade’ the software with a bit of hacking, maybe make some cool java apps to enhance the functionality a bit. Altogether a GOOD phone, but not a refined symbiosis of phone a software. Could have done more.

  3. i want to try installing opera on my prada phone too but i couldn’t find the prada listed in the opera website, which model phone did you use?

  4. hey i have no clue how to install opera mini.

    when i dl it from their wap site it says something about a url.

    am i suppose to download it from their website then install onto the phone

    thanks in advance dom for any suppose

  5. Can sum1 pls tell me hw to insert d xtrnl memory card on my Prada phone cos i can only save 6 pics n its really annoying. Nd hlp.

  6. Dom, I’ve installed Opera and Google maps by transferring the jad/jar’s to the phone. Problem is the Prada only uses the MMS profile for network connection instead of the WAP/GPRS profile. I’m surprised to see that you actually managed to get yours to work.

    The default ObiGO browser has no Java integration hence it is unable to find the MIDlet, and the only way to install Opera mini is to transfer it to the phone.

    Shed some light on your install and show us a couple of pics of the phone using Opera.


  7. Bernie, The miniSD card is inserted just ender the SIM slot. There is a dummy plastic card in there by default. Push down and it will pop out.

  8. Greco – I can’t remember if I did anything special to get it working as it was a while ago. Possibly the default settings were different on my phone (I’m in the UK on Orange).

    You might need to do something like download the jad/jar to a PC then transfer it to the phone via the cable or bluetooth.

    All I can say is that it’s definitely working for me, so it *is* possible.

  9. Could be Orange related as you state. It’s a shame they built these phone’s strictly for Orange use..

    Thanks for the confidence vote.

  10. I have had my prada phone for a month now and its the best phone I have ever had. Last year I got the LG choc and it was ok but had a few major niggles so I imported the LG KG 350 – the choc in china that never came out in euope – 60 squid and it was ace.

    I am silghtly suprised about the cheap chrome buttons but hey ho – it is still massively intuitive and fun.

    Does anyone have a link to some good java apps to install – a couple more games wouldn’t go a miss.

    email me at devilshands01@hotmail.com

    By the way – i can email you the contents of the CD if you are still having probs.

    • Hi, I've bn trying to find any info on how to do downloads on KE850. Keep failing and nearly lost any hope until I came across your msg. This phone doesn't seem to be supported by any network (m with vodafone). LG official site doesn't have any updates and drives; the manual doesn't include any guidance :(/. You seem to know how to bring it to life and to get the most of it. Please help… SOS… Tanya
      My email tsoukhova@mail.ru

  11. I adore this phone. It is so avant-garde, and it is just such a statement. have not stopped to get the typical “ITS A PRADA!!!!” comment from everyone. BUT… there is one thing that makes me dissapointed, not so much that it doesn’t have a keyboard application or whatever becasue I already have pretty big thumbs, so I couldn’t type like that anyways, but what really disappoints me is that the case it comes with, it’s beginning to scratch the touch screen.
    I highly recommend if you buy this phone, to obtain a scratch protecting film for it. It’s not that the leather case is built to tight, it’s just that there is dust sometimes even in your pockets, and it gets caught. Then it scratches.

    I love it though.

    With scratches or not, it’s still a Prada Phone.

  12. Hi,
    I also have PRADA, but I can’t install any games on it.
    You know for installing applications (games) on Nokia there is a Nokia PC Suite, put for LG PRADA I have no Idea.

    Could you be abele to help me?


  13. yess the phone is really good!! i love it. but there is a slight problem, im having trouble putting videos on there i transfer them but they dont seem to appear on my phone. how do you download the videos??
    would help if you could answer my question, thank you.

  14. I’m loving this phone but am having huge troubles trying to stop the phone from displaying both the sim and phone contacts in the contacts list… anyone able to shed some light?

  15. the memroy card i got with my lg prada phone is really big, its a micro sd adapter. its the size of one you put in a camera. i have tried to insert it by taking out the battery and the sim but its just to big. can anyone help? thanks x

  16. Abbie: Sounds like you could have been given the wrong memory card.

    Alternatively, you might just be looking at the adaptor that’s meant so you can easily put the tiny Micro SD card into a computer. Check it to make sure there’s not a small Micro SD card inside the adaptor (smaller than the SIM) – that’s what goes directly into the phone.

  17. hey guys
    i got the phone from NEW YORK
    great phone .. but again im so technical with this shit that it makes me wonder why some of the stuff i want to work isnt’!

    Problem #1
    how do i set a picture for each person i want? what i mean is
    if my friend RAY is calling, i want his picture to show up ..so set a picture for each contact!

    Problem #2
    how the hell do i set a unique ringtone for every contact?
    that i’am dying to know and USE!

    Problem #3
    the cd that came with it .. ok i installed it .. and holy crap does it suck
    no instructions nothing ..it comes with 2 programs
    LG internet CUBE and LG internet sync
    what are they for ? exactly?

    i had the samsung x830 the nice swivel one and the software that came with that phone was amazing .. music editing .. for the mp3 for the ring tones .. i was setting unique ringtones and pictures and everything .. please dont tell me we can’t do the same thing on this one!!!!

    someone please reply here or add me to msn
    or email me as well

  18. HELP !!!! I’m also having problems installing videos to my prada,I downloaded and installed a file converter program, (converts all files over to mpeg4)they show up on my phone in video’s,the file exist,(on my phones 2g memory card)but when I try to play them it acts like it’s going to play (it kinda starts) but then display’s (UNKNOWN) and quits,(nothing)? any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Sorry ! forgot to mention the opera-mini issue,does anyone actually have a working version of this on their Prada (in the US,AT&T) this file also appears on my phone but something is preventing it from working,between this and the video issue,I have spent no less than 100 hrs. of nail bitting,hair pulling,forhead smacking,and quite a few four letter words flying from my mouth (darn!,crap!,oops!,oh-no!)and several others,I think you get the picture!I consider myself to be somewhat tech savy,but I’ve had it,it’s time for some HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks, brojames

  20. Hi I just bought the prada phone for my sister for her birthday and i’m from the U.S.A and she has t-mobile i cant seem to get the internet to work and the phone company nor lg knows how can someone please help me

  21. I need help installing my memory card on my prada phone and I also need to know how to setup the internet for my tmobile account can someone please help me I think Im going crazy!

  22. hey iv got the full soft ware on my pc if ne 1 wants it ill zip it n send it to u just add top_lad69@hotmail.co. uk but to tell u the truth its not fucking worth it its a pile of wank n to be honest the best software iv ever had for a phone was the Nokia n gage sorry but the software on dat kicked ass!!

    Is it worth installing opra n the parada soft ware on the parada is pritty shabby n is no very easy to work just seem liked they wanted it to be totaly diffrent to every phone never seen ne fin like it! diffrent isnt always better!

    It is a brilliant phone n id say the best on the market but they need to take more time on this model!

    Or higher me n id make a propper phone 4 all us techno freeks ha!

  23. Hi again every 1 please could some one tell me if it is possible to get the matrix screen saver for my prada bin looking around n cant find n screensavers atall do u know if it suports screensavers add me above or post on here! thanks garry

  24. heey I bought the prada phone yesterday and think it’s great!
    although I do have a few problems and REALLY need help.

    1. I copied all my contacts to the phone. but if somebody calls or sends a message or something like that…only the number shows up, not the name of the person. what i mean is it doesn’t show “name”…only “2482374980” well whatever the number is… I then copied all my contacts back to SIM again and now it shows the names. but I’d like to have my contacts on my phone not SIM so i can add multiple numbers, anybody know how to have the contacts on the phone but still have the names show up?
    2. can I have an mp3 file as message ‘ringtone’ or can I only select the given ones on the phone?

  25. Hey everyone I have a Prada phone with t-mobile and I am having difficulites with the phone as well. I have tried setting up the internet which I did once and it worked but now it doesnt work for some reason.
    Also I cant figure out how to say transfer my itune songs to my phone is that possible?
    Someone email me if you can try and help me out with this phone
    Thanks in advance!!!!

  26. today i have just got a prada generic ke850 phone and what would you say about the phone is it nice and good on net work please tell me that one thank you

  27. Hi I just got my Prada phone today actually. I really like it but was shocked about the overall size of the phone. Other than that I think I can manage. The main concern I have is recieving my email. I travel alot and usually like to have atleast one prepaid sim card in case anything ever comes up. I was wanting to know if i could possibly get a prepaid tmobile sim card and get it activated on the prepaid sidekick plan (I have done this before with a previous phone) and will I be able to access the net and recieve emails. If anyone can help let me know thanks. Kell

  28. MY PRADA phone is stuck on the word prada and i can’t make any calls or do anything else with the phone, I just got the phone a week ago and i didnot drop it, i don’t know what is wrong.Some one help me please

  29. Hi got the Prada but trying to put a 1gb memory card in but it just keeps saying insert external memory. I know there is nothing wrong with card as it works fine in my viewty please advise what prob could be

  30. hello, ive had my prada phone for a week. its been out for quite sometime,i thought that there would be a working iphone theme for it already. is there any type of theme sofware out there?. also i found everything for the viewty (iphone theme stuff)would that work?the whole efs media builder stuff. i cant get my prada phone to connect to efs. i just want the iphone themefor my prada phone if anyone knnows anything about themes for the prada phone email me please. if not tell me how i can make my own. thanks ahead of time.

  31. I am WAY out of my league with this phone. I have to admit that I’m one of those people who bought it for looks than uses. So I have a problem that I have yet to see anyone have. What do I do if I have Vista, the mini CD does not list that. I haven’t even been able to get past step 1. How sad am I? Anyone able to help?

  32. Nicole: I’d imagine you would just pick another Windows option – XP maybe?

    I don’t even know what’s on the CD because I don’t have a drive that will even take a mini CD. So you’re one step ahead of me!

  33. Hey i have the prada and im in the U.S. and im am not able to recieve or send out picture/video mail.. does anyone know how to make that work or what i have to do to activate it??

  34. I just got the new Prada phone and I am in the US, I can’t seem to figure out how to sync it…has anyone else had this problem?

  35. I have a MacBook and can install the software – the disc drive won’t accept the minidisc. Can’t find the install files anywhere. I can use either XP or Mac software. Anyone know where I can find the relevant software?


  36. To install video files to a phone I use this program call “free youtube to ipod converter”. It will covert your video files to mp4. and then you just put it in a ” Videos” folder.

  37. How do i get pictures that i bluetoothed to the phone and are saved in the phone to appear as photos for contacts, i can make them into wallpapers but not attach them to a contact…help!

  38. how do i get different themes onto my prada phone.. besides the ones it comes with. i’m so sick of black and white

  39. can any body please help i need to set up mms and internet for my prada phone in the U.S with tmobile. T-mobile cant set it up for me & the people that i bought the phone from are in HONG KONG CHINA. I do not want to send my phone the way back but does anyone know how i can get this programmed on my phone so that i wont have the hassle with shipping my phone back to china…………

  40. I just bought LG PRADA. I am having a problem…. my phone is not displaying content of my SD Card (external memory card). In memory status, it shows that it can read external memory card and the memory details. However, it is not displaying content of that card anywhere (My STUFF… SONGS… IMAGES… etc)
    Other wise I’ll have to return the phone as faulty one, which I don’t want to. HELP please !
    My wife has iPHONE…. and as soon as I started using PRADA….. I realised it in a min…. it is no where close to iPHONE… forget about competition.
    Light Weight
    Good looking
    Nice MP3 and Video Player

    Worst Interface (operating system software) I have used for touch phone. Symbian is good and iPHONE is too good to be true… but thats reality.

  41. whenever someone calls me, my phone says no name even though the numbers are saved to my sim card…i just want it to say like “home” when someone from my house is calling me

    my other problem is when i receive a ringtone using bluetooth, it says that it was completed but i dont know where it goes.

    can you set a specific ringtone for each caller?

  42. i’ve had my prada phone for nearly a year now and have had no problems with it until today. it had been in my back pocket and suddenly, it turned off and now it is unable to switch back on. can anybody help please?!

  43. the memory is preety crap to be honest and tryinf to upgrade the software like carphone warhouse told me to do is vertually impossible because it tels u to follow the on screen instuctions tht wil show up on ur pc and it tels u to put in the codes on the bac of your phone under the battery and u click next and it tell me that there is no such match

  44. hey guys,
    my daddy bought me a prada phone recently, but im having one slight issue. i’m on prepaid, and to recharge you have to type the special number in. the issue is that when i call to recharge my account, i cant type the numbers in becuase of the absence of a keypad, and i havent been able to work out how to make the keypad show up.
    can anyone help me?

    other than that, i love the phone. its sleek, stylish and the screen resolution is just gorgeous.

    anyway, please help if you can.
    email me at antonietta@live.com.au

    thanks heaps. xo

  45. You press the button on the left hand side whcich brings up the keypad.

    I have been trying to set up the phone to act as a usb modem using the GPRS connection. I have installed LG Internet Cube but whereever I click on connect it says I have to restart. I restart and it tells me to restart again. is this a problem with Vista?

  46. hi guys

    Got myself an lgparada but does anyone no how to get the memory card working. i have fitted the card into the slot an all of that but dont seem to have an more memory could anyone help please

    cheers steve

  47. hello everybody
    I try to install games or ringtones to my prada but everytime it says memory full,i do not have a single photo on it and not a song it is new nothing is downloaded but det original programs.Can somebody help me how to store stuf on external memorycard

  48. SOS ppl, Scandinavia calling!

    Could anyone pls. help me with my new LG Prada?

    #1 why does the phone turn off and the turn on automatically whenever I click on the function ‘draft’ under text-messages?

    #2 How/ and for what do I use LG Mobile Sync & LG InternetCube??

    #3 How do I shift between internal and extternal memory?

    #4 how come i can’t put music on phone. I tried connecting it with the USB to the computer, and it just shows two mobile icons on my windows media player. I can only save two songs. And those can only be found in my sound–> MP3 and not in the MP3 player!
    (my brother got a Nokia N95, and i don’t have any problems with using his)

    Pls pls. help me in a idiot proof way!
    I’m about this – close to cry a river… sitting here with my final exams in BA degree, with a 24 hrs. old phone not obeying my wishes…

    Someone, any one pls. help me.

    Mail: Mayuri_dk@hotmail.com

  49. hallo
    i have a prada phone from my uncl with out a software cd and i want to get it work on pc please send to me the program

  50. hai
    i have a prada phone from my friend but i was unable to transfer data from my pc (mp3&videos )can any have solution for this plz help me

  51. Guys i got the KE 850 and my lil bro broke the cd :S he was gonna break the phone 2 but thx 2 god tho , i really hope u can get me any info about where 2 download the phone Software cd u can reply here or on arthas_the.don@hotmail.com
    thx for advance

  52. Hey

    Has anybody had a problem with there camera/video function on the prada phone?? Mine no longer works it is just a bunch of brightly coloured lines. LG said that they don’t provide service where I am….do you think that I am shit out of luck or can I fix it??

  53. hello,please help me regarding my prada phone .i just got it like 2 mos.ago and im having hard time accessing my mms.whenever i try to send picture to someone it says no mms settings,but i called my provider which is att and i have mms .i can access thru internet but not mms ..i have entered a few security code too but non of em is working…please help me! thanks a lot! my email address armi_dax19@yahoo.com

  54. My prada phones says the memory is full and it is asking me for security codes when I try to clear multimedia memory. where do I get these from.

  55. i dont want to save sent messages on my prada phone does anyone know how to take this setting off, it is automatically savng sent items thanks

  56. Hello everyone, Can anyone please tell me why that when i get a voicemail message that it goes into my text inbox with a underscore and @ button? What am i doing wrong?

  57. OMG, people… You ask so many stupid questions… Why don’t you all just start from calling the LG tech support? I’m sure they will be able to help you and guide you through…

    This one just killed me:

    “Nicole: I’d imagine you would just pick another Windows option – XP maybe?
    I don’t even know what’s on the CD because I don’t have a drive that will even take a mini CD. So you’re one step ahead of me!”

    You don’t have the drive for it? HAHAHA
    Now open your drive and look at it carefully… What do you see? Right, the inner recess for 80 mm mini CD… Now, put it in and see what happens. Well, you might be right unless your drive was made way before they started making mini CDs, which i doubt.

  58. Magpie: Many people have slot-loading drives, not drives with trays. Like 99% of Mac users, for instance. The mini CD simply can’t be used in these drives.

  59. hey, im having troubles switching from internal memory to my mini SD i put in, it keeps saying “insert external memory”, any idea why and how to fix this problem because this phone kills…and i dont wanna spend another wad of cash on an 8gig ipod.

  60. Everyone having issues with memory cards should ensure they are using standard mini SD cards and not the high density ones. These use data compression not recognised by the PRADA and so wont be seen by the phone. If in doubt ensure you buy a card supplied specifically for mobile phone use.

  61. hi can any one help need the soft ware for the prada ke850 just got phone as present and the cd will not load.. would appreciate the help

  62. Lot’s of questions ,no answers though.Seems to me that this phone has the worst software and manuals ever.
    I won’t have LG again, no support, I can’t connect my phone to my PC rendering most of the features useless.

  63. I’ve had my LgPrada for about 1/2 month now and suddenly it froze! I would turn it on but it will freeze at the logo ‘PRADA’ with no sound or anything. I’ve tried to remove the battery and memory card out and then put it back in but it still does not turn on but would freeze at the logo.HELP!?

  64. Hi There, I cant seem to find the software that came with the LG Prada phone, I have been searching the net and cant find it there… Anyone know where is best place to look???


  65. hi i have had my prada for months now and the touch screen isnt working im woundering dose any one no why and how much would it be to fix ohh would it be cheaper to buy a new one write as possable pleasex

  66. hi there
    i cannot download videos in my prada phone. it showing that incorrect format. can you help me out from this please.

    thank you

  67. the phone’s camera is acting really weird.
    i’ve had only for about 4 days?
    so there really should be no reason for it to be all weird…
    but anyhow
    the problem: is that
    when i press “camera” on the phone
    it doesn’t show “pictures” of when i’m trying to take.
    like it shows up these random colors and lines and its all blinking.
    to me in a way it looks as if you put a camera up to a computer screen and you know how there’s that line? that gets moving up(I think) appearing on the screen or so.
    well if you catch my drift it’s like that just with a bunch of random colors..
    help? please?
    like seriously i just got this phone two weeks ago..
    anyway to fix it?
    i don’t think i can take it back to the store.
    since it’s imported there’s no warranty and all.

  68. I have a question. Currently i can only save incoming ringtones or docs to my phone. Any idea how to change the settings and to save incoming ringtones to the memory stick????

    Thank you

  69. hey guys i been having all the same problem with my LG KE850. and i ben on the phone for countless hours to mobile phone service (GRL MOBILE) provider although im starting to thinkit is a manufaturing problem it is almost like it can connect the modem to a network (service provider) but it donesnt go all out and connect to internet and as for putting your music on it it is and MP3 player have you tryed converting it from WMA etc to MP3 and then adding it to the MP# folder in your phone –dont forget to change it from data storage(internet) over to Mass storage(music transfer)…but if someone could help me connect to the internet that would be great

  70. can any body please help i need to set up mms and internet for my prada phone in AUSTRALIA with telstra cant set it ,the people that i bought the phone from are in HONG KONG CHINA. I do not want to send my phone the back but does anyone know how i can get this programmed on my phone so that i wont have the hassle with shipping my phone back to china………hpt77@hotmail.com cheers.. the guy above me has the same problem.…

  71. I have a lg prada its okay i mean i did drop it down the toilet. but when i sent it back they never give me a new one so had to keep do with it, so i took it apart and dryed it out and now it works perfectly 😀 i have droped it alot and its still going strong my friend droped her phone but it wasn’t a prada and it smashed to millions of pieces i have had mine for two years when they first came out and its still in perfect use and i love it.

  72. Anyone having internet connection problems and are connected wiyh T-Mobile go to this address: http://tmobileuspublic.wdsglobal.com/

    There is good chance that these settings may also work if you’re not with T-mobile. I say try it out.

    As for the memory card questions.
    Make sure you do not have a sdhc Memory card!
    Those only work on products that are advanced with these capabilities.
    LG prada is not one of those products.

    Also for video problems. Make sure the videos you are adding to your phone are in MP4 format. It will not work otherwise.

    As far as switching from internal and external for the viewing of your files.
    When you open the folder in which you want to explore make sure to touch the little icon on the right hand side. The picture should be of a small memory card. This is where your external memory is stored.

    To switch and add things to your external memory for your phone. When you are adding things on your computer, make sure you’re adding them to the folder alloted for your external memory.
    When you plug up your phone or connect your memory card to your computer TWO folders will open, one is for internal, the other is for external. Make sure you add your items to the external folder. (usually the second folder)

    For other internet connection problems. Make sure your java connections are entered and activated.
    Go to games and apps, then to settings. Open Java accounts.
    If there are no accounts in this folder, you will not be able to use Opera mini and other java enabled programs.

    I use T-Mobile so my settings are as follows:
    Account name: TMobile
    Proxy Address:
    Port Number: 8080

    I’m trying to help as much as possible. I hate hearing people say that this phone is crap because they can’t fix something.
    I wish the LG Prada community was more helpful and it wasn’t so hard to find solutions.
    A lot of these are easy to fix, and this phone really is a great phone.

    I’ll try to answer more questions if I can find the solutions for them.

    As far as themes go, I hear there are themes you can use (Like IFish)
    FInding them is hard, but I’m doing my best.

    hope this helped.

  73. Ok.. just got me the phone.. but i never got a software cd with it so when i plug it in via USB my computer cant pick it up.. is there a way of downloading it or some1 sending it 2 me?? plzzz!!

  74. i’ve seen a few questions from people on here bout mms. i’ve just got one and getting the same problem wen you try to open it it says recieve failed. but know one seems to have answered the question can anyone help please

  75. well iv inserted my 4gb memory card into the phone and it just says no external memory inserted and its really anoying me it only fits in properly one way so it cant be that … any help please ?

  76. nice phone! i have a problem though!!!
    Actually i got the memory card of 256 mb n its very short,i inserted in parada a 1gb yesterday but it aint working,it was not of lg it was of some korean company,was that a problem but it worked on the nokia mobile need help!!

  77. Dom, do you still have this phone? Can you confirm it takes 2Gb micros-sd cards?

    Also does anyone know if it’s possible to get the qwerty keypad from the silver one onto this?

  78. Having same problem with not being able to recieve or send pic messages. I have gone through Tmobile and that didn’t work. I have changed my settings and that didn’t work. Any other suggestions? Love my phone but hate that it only does text messages when everyone elses “little” phones do everything else (internet, pic msgs). Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks..

  79. Can someone please help me with downloadind music to the phone and mp3 player from the computer. I copy it to the removable disk but it does not copy to the phone. I have followed the directions from the manual but it is not working for me. HELP

  80. I am trying to help out a friend set up her new Prada phone.I am looking for a program that allows you to create you own ringtones from your playlist. (IE the iphone has a program called i ringer) Is there anything available for the LG like the i ringer program?


  81. hi, i’ve had this phone for half a year now and it suddenly died. It won’t turn on at all, and when i try and charge it, only the two red phone buttons light up. no matter what i do, the phone will not turn on. can anyone help me please? i’ve not ever had trouble with this phone in the past and i’d hate to lose faith in LG…

  82. Can someone help me set gmail in my lg prada ke850 i have it set but i get a dns error when i try to send and it times out when trying to retrieve hence unable to send/retrieve emails.. Thanks…

  83. Can someone help me set gmail in my lg prada ke850 i have it set but i get a dns error when i try to send and it times out when trying to retrieve hence unable to send/retrieve emails.. Thanks…

  84. Hello
    I have a problem with my Prada Ke 850. I for got a CD of download and all of programms in Internet, which a have found, are brocken or don´t work. Could some body take me please this? My E-Mail saniochik85@gmx.de. Thanks a lot.

  85. Hi
    i have a problem with my prada ke850. when i text after a full stop or question mark it freezes and doesnt let me type so i have tried going back and wiping the question mark but it still freezes!! Can any one help??

  86. hi
    does anyone knoe how to save items downloaded off the internet on my lg ke850 to my externel memory card(microSD)…
    everytime i try to download a song or video it says there is not enough memory on my fone….so how do i download the song or video to my memory card??…

    someone please solve my problem…

  87. Hi can you gays help ! I have this phone and I have problem with the usb software for windows vista there is anybody who know where I can find and download this software I have a Cd but dosnt work with Vista ?? THX

  88. phone is shit, bought new and correct micro sd card (for mobiles) ..guess what…yep does not even register on the damn thing… crap

  89. hey guys I NEEEDDDD HELP!!
    how do you save mp3s or files on the external memory?
    i have a 4gb micro sd with mp3 songs on it and the phone says i have no external memory(when iv clearly inserted it)
    iv tried transferring songs from my comp with the usb cord but that says i need more memory

    this is shittinggg me please some one help
    alot of ppl have posted q’z about this prob but NO ONE seems to no the answer

    my email is mayraj06@live.com

  90. I live in US and i purchased the Prada I have Tmobile i can access everything with the phone I love it except for the internet if anyone knows how i can do this please let me know

  91. i hav the lg prada ke850 wenever i try and use my camera the camera pic comes up but then it goes black and the video just sez "application failed" plz help i love my fone but need camrea 2 work

  92. this lg prada is nice but it seemes you cannot download anything onto it. why? has'nt it got any software, oh please bring the software out so we can enjoy it more

  93. HOW TO PLAY MUSIC ON IT:when u put the memory card in go to my stuff in media tab and go to sounds. once that is done go to the memory card tab at the top of it and it should come up with mp3. u must put the mp3 files into that folder via USB cable. plz comment if this helped

  94. The Prada phones stink on ice, my stepmum has one and the bluetooth does not work at all!!!! so if someone can tell me how to fix it im gonna say that the prada phone sux

  95. can some one help ive just got the lg prada ke850 with a 8gb micro sd card but the phone doesnt know its there even tho its on the display screen help please

  96. IMO go for the iphone if you care about continued support… The prada is a lovely phone but its a pain and a half locating drivers for it if ( heavens forbid ) you lose the driver disk. But if you must have the Prada, I strongly recommend the Prada silver. It has virtual qwerty keyboard in addition to the standard number pad texting and it should be within 10$ or so of the original black version .


    By the bye, is anyone willing to host the install cd iso? I'm seriously considering posting a bounty trying to locate one…

  97. I need help. So I got the Prada with no internet and I have no idea how to put songs on here. I had a microSD that my mom had and placed it in my phone but the songs she had on it didn't show up in my MP3 player part. Why didn't it and how can I?

  98. Hello All,
    I am using the H20 wireless card with my phone but cannot make calls from indoors, I get the message call ended & the phone cuts off. Also the volume on my calls are very low. Please help.

  99. my phone lg ke850 prada does not switch on once i switched off i showed it in mobile service centre but different mobile centre said different comment actully what is happening to my mobile

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