Why Twitter Sucks…

…but will succeed anyway

[Note: Before you comment on this, please note that it was written in March 2007. Twitter has changed, and so have I.]

twitterIf you haven’t heard of twitter then you’ve either been living on another planet for the past few months, or you’re the kind of person that has a life.Unfortunately, I’m neither of the above.

Twitter describes itself as “a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives”, but really the best description is a “micro-blogging” site.

You see, unlike a typical blog, twitter wants to know “What are you doing?” 24 hours a day. You have a text box with 140 characters, and the idea is that you give a running commentary of every moment of your life.All messages you send automatically appear on all your “friends'” pages, and all their messages appear on yours. Horrifying, isn’t it?

But it gets worse. The thing that makes twitter stand out is that all messages can be sent and received via your favourite instant messenger.. or on your mobile phone. So what you end up with is a service that’s half way between a blog and a “group instant messenger”.

So why is this so bad?

Well it’s partly down to the kind of people that are using the service. You see, twitter is very popular with the geek community on the West Coast, and has kind of spread out from there. So what you see on the site is a combination of techie messages, dot-com-geek-wannabes trying to get noticed and a whole load of stuff that’s so mundane it just makes you wonder why you didn’t spend the last ten minutes doing something constructive instead – like maybe shooting yourself in the head.

Call me old fashioned, but I really have no interest in the fact that Leo Laporte is eating his lunch, Cali Lewis is drinking a coffee with Splenda Flavor Blends, or even whose couch Kevin Rose happens to be trowing up on today.

You see, unless all your friends are on twitter the noise-to-signal ratio on the site is enough to make you want to go out and pull the legs of kittens to relieve the boredom.

And that’s why twitter will succeed.Because it only works if all your friends are on it, the only way to have any real fun is to invite them all. Then you can be the one inflicting the tedium on others! Yay!Now this ‘model’ has been used before – and what we ended up with was MySpace. The largest and most pointless thing ever created in the history of humanity. And now twitter is going the same way.

For the casual observer though, there’s something a little odd about twitter’s business model. You see, they don’t have any ads – and they let you send and receive updates via text message for free. So how dow they expect to make money, let alone stay in business?Simple. Once they reach a critical mass, they’ll start charging for sending text messages. Already, a lot of users are using their phones so they can “stay in touch” while out and about. Many of them are finding they can’t live without twitter on their phone. (Yes, they are sad, sad people.)

But imagine twitterers are sending a million messages a day between them (which is easily achievable) and only 5% of those are sent from a phone. Now imagine twitter makes 50 cents from each of those messages. That’s $25,000 a day or $9,125,000 a year in revenue without even trying, with very little required in the name of network resources and a site so basic it hurts just to think about it.

What I’d really like to see is a twitter competitor with more functionality and a clearer delineation between real friends and people think they’re cool and somehow get off on telling the whole world every time they go to the toilet. Unfortunately, it may already be too late…

(Oh, and my twitter username is domr – add me and feel my contempt.)

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  1. I hate posting a first comment on someone’s blog where I am disagreeing with them, but unfortunately, I must – on two points even.

    The beauty of Twitter is that you never need to have Leo’s lunch on your message page, you only pay attention to people you really care about, who you add to your network. If they start posting drivel, you remove them and don’t watch what they are saying any more.

    Further, your financial model is amiss completely. Who pays $0.50 per text message these days? At the moment, some people believe they are already making some money from carrier relationships, though as a private company, this is unconfirmed. If they are making money at all, it is more like .02-.04 per outbound message. Commercial SMS gateways charge companies anywhere from .04 to .12 per message sent. After giving away the SMS already (and forcing many people I know to upgrade their mobile accounts to unlimited SMS) I can’t imagine Twitter succesfully charging for this service ever – no one would pay and everyone would move to the next service.

    • umm… so what makes this better than facebook?

      This is just another retarded internet trend that has just kicked off because every moron talk show host got paid to do a twitter exclusive on their show in the last 2 weeks.

      This is just another example how all the stupid hypocritical people in the world just follow trends blindly. If if hear someone says the word "tweet" in real life, I'm probably going to just point at his face and laugh.

    • Twitter is just another fucking bullshit method for the "wired" generation to advertise themselves to each other and share all the pointless, boring crap that they do every day with a bunch of strangers who don't give a shit anyway. I swear, if this shit is indicative of where our culture is going, I want off the bus. Seriously. Please.

  2. Chris: You’re more than welcome to disagree here. 🙂

    I’m sure Twitter is much more fun if all your friends are there, but I’m reluctant to send my real friends an invite to yet another site – particularly one which I don’t really like.

    Of course, if it really takes off, they’ll probably be there anyway – along with the entire MySpace crowd. And I do think Twitter will go down the MySpace route. A site that doesn’t really do a lot, but the kids love anyway.

    As for the revenue, premium rate SMS is a huge business here in Europe and people already pay 50p a go for chat services. Some services (usually annoying TV votes & quizes) charge up to £1.50 ($3) per message and tens of thousands of people use them.

    I could easily see Twitter charging 30p/60cents a message and getting away with it – but not until the site is big enough that it’s swamped all the competition. People (particularly kids) will use it – and pay for it – simply because all their friends are doing it.

  3. Twitter is dumb and demonstrates how Web 2.0 entrepreneurs are all seeking to create the BIGGEST, BESTEST, COOLEST, GEEKIEST, SWEETEST idea ever. No one seems to actually focus on solving real needs but creating services that allow us to be less connected from each other.

    Twitter makes me no more connected to my friends. If I wanted to be connected to them, I’d text them individually.

    Another, less serious reason that Twitter will fail is that women don’t use it. If your target market is 18 – 35 year olds, you have to get women to use it. If not, no reasonable male other than uber-geeks will use it.

    The uber geeks will not be able to reproduce and will therefore be unable to pass on the genetic mutation that allowed them to find value in Twitter in the first place to anyone thereby leading to a slow and painful death for Twitter and the TWITs that use them.

    For those of you with poor vocabulary skills and literary knowledge, you may want to explore a Roald Dahl book known as The Twits to really learn what I just called you.

  4. I was duped into getting twitter by Ed Dale & Co. Twitter is a fad and like all fads that serve no useful purpose it will be forgotten.

    If it is not a fad, what is it? and if it isn’t a fad, there is still no reason why it should last longer than Hula Hoops.

    OOPS, sorry, in Web 2.0 it is a marketing tool

  5. Twitter is an incredible waste of time. All of my friends will NOT be on Twitter becasue ALL of my friends agree it’s pointless crap.

    Not only is the CONCEPT stupid, but 140 characters is not enough space to write anything meaningful. Even if you are only following people you ‘want’ to follow, you won’t get much more information other than ‘so-and-so is reading a book’ and ‘so-and-so is eeating Sushi’. What crap!

    Even from a marketing standpoint, it’s worthless. How the f–k and I going to convey MEANINGFUL information with my ‘followers’ in such restricted space?!

    If you have enough free time to constantly jot down what you are doing, then you have TOO mcuh free time! Twitter Blows!

  6. Old thread; don’t care.

    First of all, “Twitter” is a really, really lame name.

    Web world says this will change humanity, not by it’s social function, but by its publishing function. I’m trying to make it useful but really, not one wants to sign up to it. It’s probably the lame name.

    Oh, and the fact that you can only have one account, unless you use a different email. Even then, you can only use your phone number once. So there’s not useful way to organize what “tweets” (again, lame) you want to send and receive. Either everyone reads it, or no one does.

  7. On 3/17 you’re the first SERP result for “twitter sucks.” Begs the question, “is this…ehem… intentional?” If not, I’m surprised (although delighted.) Why? Because twitter and every other shoot-me-in-the-head / antithesis-to-privacy website born in the last 5 years presents massive back alley opportunity for marketers. And as a result, web publishers are now *forced* to participate in them if they want to stay competitive, and wow…*that* sucks even more.

    Some call it “engaging with an audience in a more meaningful way,” or “extending your reach” or … blech… I’ve used these myself, even. Really, though. Twitter and its sisters are like reality tv gone web, voyeurism gone tech. In concept anyway.

    Not to say there aren’t some very real and functional uses here; it of course depends on the user. A lot of famous SEOs have talked about sharing and following activities online specifically related to search engine marketing activities. Although I’m eternally grateful, there’s no way I’d ever give away *my* farm… not to twitter, anyway.

    OMG I’m ranting like a self important person. But wait, wait. Let me tie a bow on it like this:

    The concept of a global communication inter-web, spun and woven by social platforms is… tantalizing, at least. It’s hopeful, and it’s positive implications to culture and economy could be profound. But gee-whiz, don’t sell out. My clients’ traffic stats *don’t* suck, and I’m one of the last people on the planet without a myspace page. So if you’re an SEO – don’t be fooled. Social media isn’t your ticket to success anymore than “american idol” is dibbs on a grammy.

  8. Nice article. What is interesting is how the Web marketing community has only seemed to jump on Twitter in the past few months, despite the fact that Twitter has been going strong for several years. Dave Naylor, Blogstorm, Aaron Wall, Shoemoney and Andrew Girdwood are a few recent people to jump on the bandwagon.

    Services like LinkedIn for contact and tumblelogging for presenting useful snippets of information work better for me. I won’t be getting a Twitter account anytime soon 😉

  9. I recently created a Twitter account myself and my immediate impression is that this hyper-connectivity the social sites are driving too has gone too far. As a person, an individual, I don’t really want all my friends to know what I’m doing every moment of every day – and I don’t expect the thinking ones to care very much. So what I’ve found is that I really don’t have anything to Twitter about. I believe the shine will wear off in the near future.

  10. What would make Twitter better (than useless)? That is the question that has to be answered if it isn’t going to be a “gone tomorrow” fad.

    – Auto update your location via personal GPS -to-SMS
    – Connect your IP webcam and show your place of work or home live
    – Live video of your eye’s view via video glasses
    – Auto tracking your movement on the web… a trail of URLs

    All assumes you don’t actually like privacy of course…

    • Anyone who is willing to make her- or himself so available has no right to complain about the government or any other entity being "big brother!" If you open every moment of your life for the world's inspection, it's your own fault.

  11. So far I don’t see any value…I have better things to do then “tweet” all day. But alass there is always someone who figures out a totally creative way to exploit this service to ones best interest!

  12. Great post. Sensible and to the point. Twitter seems pointless, but it also appears to be something you don’t really appreciate until you get into it along with your clique (which hasn’t happened to me, and probably won’t).

  13. I have to agree. I joined to find out what the fuss is all about, but find it nothing more than a distraction. I dont have time in my life to inform all of my “friends” about what is new. And as you say, SMS is all I need for small messages – logging in to either a website or IM to do the same doesn’t fly with me. The majority of them are acquantances online who *think* they know me. And that is definitely not useful in any shape or form. What it does give though is an opportunity for bloggers who aren’t in the mood for a full post to spout crap. *Shrug*. I’m sure for the dedicated users its great, but only because its an intrusive snapshot into someones life – something im not prepared to share.

  14. Twitter probably won’t start charging. Typically services that offer something for free and then charge for it go under very quickly. That and the people who made Twitter have a lot of other money making ventures. I think Twitter is more of a pet to them.

    In some ways Twitter has the potential to be less cluttered than My-Book or Face-Space or Crap-Whatever. I really only want to get texts from friends who I care about, and it’s not always “I’m at such and such bar” but it can be random crap like “John McCain is a Cylon” … random funny stuff you normally text to two or three people can now be done with one message, and the people who really hate those funny messages can just refuse them on their devices without anyone’s feelings being hurt.

    I really hate social networking, don’t get me wrong. It’s pointless. The list of “friends” should really be changed to “acquaintances” “people I happen to know or may have met once at a party”

    I think twitter has a little more potential though and I’m willing to give it a go. And in response to dustyBin, I always writing complete text messages with correct capitalization and grammar (it helps to have a Treo with spellcheck)

    Oh and one more thing, Twitter is great for promoting joke sites that continually update. Like for example, last week I made http://HillaryClintonExplainsItAll.com and wrote a backend script that updates Twitter. Now people just have to subscribe to the feed to get all the latest fake Billary quotes.

  15. I don’t twitter and my friends don’t twitter. I don’t give a crap what they are doing at every moment, and they don’t either.

    Twitter is pointless and reminds me when people started getting mobile phones: they called people to just say hi and make pointless conversation: “I got a cellular phone!” Whoop-de-do. Once that ended (finally), the real purpose of mobile phones emerged.

    The diufference between mobile phones and twitter is that twitter has no growth plan beyond the “look at me” phase. Pointless, stupid, insipid, and boring.

  16. I agree with pretty much everything. When I first found out what Twitter was all about I was in SHOCK. Here I am a bit worried that in this world of cellphones, instant messaging and social networking sites everyone is getting a bit _too_ connected… then I discover twitter. All that other stuff (cellphones, im, facebook etc) sort of ‘accidentally’ invade our privacy because they mainly have other uses, but the premise of Twitter is pretty much what I don’t like about cellphones and such. WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? How about ‘its none of your business’?
    And I hate the goofy name too.


  18. In a world of billion different minds you can always sell any lame product. No offense but I would rather spend my time on something less suckier. Funny how many of us googled for ‘twitter sucks’

  19. When I saw this Tweet come in “Oh, hey guys! Guess what?! I just ate a mango!” I knew my friend was partially correct. Twitter does suck. Micro-blogging might have some purpose but following a bunch of people? I’m not convinced.

    There must be a purpose. People used to say blogging sucked and had no purpose but I’ve found decent and very useful blogs.

    Maybe you just need to be very picky in who you follow? Those who truly keep the tips, tricks and useful info coming and just stop following the mango eaters or the people who tell you the weather and what time it is.

    There’s a lot of blogs that suck too. I don’t go back. Twitter is probably the same only 140 characters long making it even easier to post worthless stuff.

  20. I have to agree with you. Someone comes along every 5 months with a new “must have” service. It gets to be too much. I experimented with Instant Messaging when it first came out. You know what? I like to be unreachable. Compose your thoughts and send me an e-mail, please.

    Ditto for texting via cell phone – about the dumbest form of communication there is. I don’t even carry my cell phone with me anymore (it is hooked through a docking station to my house phones as a ‘land line’).

    And Linked-in, Facebook, or any of those other networking sites? Pleeese. What kind of losers are that desperate for friends – or clients?

    Btween e-mail, cellphones, blogs, websites, networking sites, instant messaging, and now Twitter, we have more ways of getting in touch with each other – and spend less time in actual communication.

    Twitter has to be the ultimate high-tech no signal application. Staying in touch, yes, but he actual data communicated is near zilch. Who cares what you are doing now? And what idiot puts their life, on a moment by moment basis, on public view?

    In the good old days, you called someone on the phone and you let it ring 10 times. Yes, 10 times. Because there was no damn answering machine. Watch an old movie sometime. The phone rings and Jimmy Stewart answers on the 5th ring. As a modern American, you get anxious watching this. “Pick it up before it bounces to VoiceMail!” you want to shout.

    And then you realize he doen’t have to rush, or dial 10 digits. Operator, get me OLeander5, 3253 please!

    We have done this to OURSELVES, unfortuntately. But there is an answer. Unplug a bit. Pick which communications channels you want to use. You don’t have to be on all of them or use all of them.

    Sorry, but despite the hype on veraious sites (CNN is flogging this) I don’t “need” or want twitter.

  21. I used to think that Twitter was a waste of time, but I signed up for an account anyway, just to attempt to “get it”.

    If used for the intent that Twitter claims, “What are you doing?”, then, yes, I think it’s a little too much. However, there is power in networking, so using it to broadcast major events, such as “I’m looking for a new job”, to all the people in your Twitter network may yield surprising results.

    I’ve also found that very judicious use is non intrusive, and when someone I’m following posts something, I don’t feel like I have to respond immediately, or even ever. Maybe I’ve been fortunate that the folks I’m following aren’t putting useless junk in their posts. Some things like book recommendations in my field are useful to me.

    At first glance, it does look like a waste of time. However, I have found some value in using the service. I have chosen not to get SMS. That would be overkill. I don’t feel like I have to respond to any of the posts, nor do I expect anyone to respond to mine. I might post once every day or two, and I’ve made it a policy not to be obsessed with it (unlike email, but that will require an intervention, I’m afraid).

    • I signed up for an account as well, and I soon discovered that it is a waste of time. Everyone has a different experience I guess. But here is what I do find: The only people who seem to be active and enjoying the use of Twitter, are people who are pushing their products and or services, or people who need attention. There is no real "audience" on Twitter, just users. The fuel behind Twitter is the geeks and true to life addicts who use it.

      Btw, if you want to find a job you should use Workopolis or Monster, not sending a tweet to your followers.

  22. Ahh finally, someone who has some sense;

    Twitter is and always will be pointless, useless and any other words ending in less that you can think of in the first place. Zomg, look how cosmopolitan and modern I am, I’m updating my twitter, I’m sure everyone cares about the menial things in life these “Real time statuses” of web 2.0 really are strange. I actually know people who the first thing they think when they go out is (in between taking 10s of thousands of photos which are also for facebook), I must update my facebook! My god, there is a reason we go out, or so I thought…

  23. Twitter is used as a way for the tragically hip and the unimportant to feel important…

    Disturbingly, sites like this and most other social networking sites are actually convincing the sheeple that self-surveillance is a good idea. I wouldn’t be surprised if these sites weren’t all DARPA projects before they were released to deluded masses. As technology marches on, humanity gets crowded out… You become a smaller cog in a greater machine… God help us all…

  24. They might have filled a gap that the cell-carriers missed.

    Eg, collecting SPRINT, VERIZON, TMOBILE, GOOGLE together is better than each one going alone.

    That might be their biz-model, a monopoly on uni-chat.

  25. I totally agree! Twitter is for low self esteemed, insignificant, losers with way to much time on their hands and NO friends. WHo the hell has time for that mundane stuff anyway. Get a job and a life!
    Shicole-hard working citizen

  26. Right on Shicole!! Those Twitter freaks have way too much time on their hands. People should get back to what matters…quality time with family/friends, nature etc. Try having having a meaningful conversation with someone who is constantly checking their Twitts!

    • Who cares about posting a link back to your blog site for a blog article written by you. You could have just told us some of your points here. Guess you need to use every opportunity to squeeze traffic to your site. Bet that's what you love about Twitter too.

  27. Twitter sucks, just another stupid ‘social’ app/site/community
    Who gives a fuck to what someone is doing 24/7?
    Get a life, all these social sites are stupid (Orkut, mySpace, Facebook, etc.)
    ‘Look at me, I have 3240324324 friends, I’m popular, better than you, here are my communities and here you can see what I’m doing each 5 minutes’.
    Anyone can track down info about these people in any of these sites and do whatever they want with it.
    They’re just a bunch of morons desperate for attention.

  28. I say we start Twatter.com This site will only be used to inform our friends of our bowel movements and nothing else. No “I am drinking crappy coffee from Starbucks” twatters, but rather “Hey, just took a really big crap” twatters. We will make money by sending toilet paper advertisements out on every fifth twat.

  29. I could read these comments all day. Let’s start a site in which we post all day about how much Twitter sucks, just short little comments that we’ll all receive.

    And Gary, shouldn’t your idea for a site be called Shitter?

  30. There is nothing wrong with Twitter per se–it’s just a tool. If used for a good purpose (like real-time updates on a critical project) it would be a lovely entity.

    What’s wrong is *people*. Most of them are boring self-focused duds. Twitter just exposes that better than ever.

  31. Web 2.0 … everyone is talking, but no one is listening. That is why it lacks any substance. It just fills a void in peoples lives with pointless interaction that adds nothing to anyones life.

  32. Conflict of interest at CNN?

    CNN is hyping the snot out of Twitter, calling it the greatest invention of the year (on today’s CNN/Forbes page). WHat’s up with that? The super-conducting super-collider comes in 5th.

    One increasing problem with these media companies is that there is a blur between news and product promotion.

    For example, movie reviews on CNN are always suspect, as a movie by a rival media company is often panned, and movies made by CNN’s parent, Time Warner, all get warm reviews. It used to be that CNN would state that a movie was made by its parent company (in a disclaimer) but they seem to do this less often now. And of course, they never bothered to say that a movie (being panned) was being made by a competing company.

    I have to suspect that CNN or its parent company have some interest in Twitter, Mixx, and other online products, given the nature of the hype concerning these products.

    I have tried to research online who owns Twitter, but it is not easy. I am suspecting that perhaps Time Warner, CNN’s parent company might have an interest in it. It would explain CNN’s bizarre obsession with this service.

    Bear in mind that the Internet is already ripe for subtle manipulation. Go to any website or blogsite and read comments by “users” lauding a product, and chances are, half of them are from employees of the company, or in fact from paid professionals whose job it is to shill on the Internet.

    Yes, it does happen. More than ever, it pays to be skeptical.

    And does all this “connectivity” really improve your life?

    I have a friend who uses all this high-tech communication junk. At any given time, he is texting on his phone, interacting on facebook and twitter (on his mac laptop) and occasionally taking phone calls. He is online with datring and sex hook-up services all the time, and yet has trouble meeting the right person or maintaining a relationship. In terms of talking to the people in the ROOM he is in or having conversational skills, he is pretty much a zero – total introvert. Not suprisingly, he has a lot of relationship issues and trouble committing.

    There is a cause and effect here. Ironically, being “in touch” all the time via twitter, facebook, texting, cell phone, etc, has the opposite effect of actually insulating people from real experience.

    It is like those old 8mm camcorders. You can go to the Grand Canyon with your camcorder and not experience the Grand Canyon, because you are watching the entire experience through a camcorder viewfinder.

    It is only when you put down the electronic toys and experience life directly that you can truly connect.

    The Internet is a great tool for business and allows me to make a lot of money without leaving my house. I love it – for work. But for most folks, it is more of a recreational and social interaction media, which is a sad commetary on the nature of our society.

    Twitter answers a question no one is asking. Pile it on top of all the other social interaction sites we are asked to join (by friends using a script that mass-e-mails their address book) and it is just one more darn thing to deal with.

    BTW, Facebook as added a Twitter-like service (what are you doing now) so one wonders whether the Twitter model is viable for long. As most young people are on facebook already, why log into a second site to perform the same function as facebook? It makes no sense. Twitter as a stand-alone service is not a robust model.

    And no, I don’t think Twitter is patenable, so there is little the founders can do to protectit.

  33. I recently fell for all the Twitter hype and buzz, and mistakenly created several Twitter IDs to match my different activities (several different websites I run, personal ID etc)

    Note to all: DO NOT do that…you will be automatically accused of being a spammer and your accounts suspended.

    Apparently you may also be suspended for something called “anti-social behavior”, which could include anything from another user being annoyed at you, to not using your account enough.

    Nowhere is there a coherent list of what is considered acceptable behavior, nor is the rule of no more than one account clearly stated anywhere.

    You are also guilty before being proven innocent, and like Homeland Security, Twitter can forecast your evil behavior before you actually engage in it.

    You can read the posts over at “Get Satisfaction.com”, or do a google search, and see the number of people wondering why their accounts were suspended. http://getsatisfaction.com/twitter/topics/twitter_suspended_my_account_no_warning_no_response

    I personally would be careful using Twitter at this point..I certainly wouldn’t expose too much of my business on Twitter, as the risk of getting suspended without much recourse, is too high, imho. Better to wait until there is a more stable platform with a clearly stated TOS, not the moving target approach taken by Twitter.

    It is lamentable that the poor customer support staff are overburdened and overworked…perhaps the fact that there is no clear source of revenue and income contributes to this problem.

  34. I couldn’t even get onto Twitter when I signed up for it. They have a very tight, security driven site. You have to enter the exact letters as well as your own password to get onto the site. That’s what keeps them entirely different from Facebook. Otherwise, your chances to see your friends’ postings on it are slim.

  35. Twitter is a time-wasting piece of rubbish for people with time to waste and nothing real to say.

    I know that describes posting comments on blogs, but there’s a difference… at least a blog is usually topical. The topic acts as the filter.

    Twitter is just noise.


  37. Damn… I thought I was the only one hating twitter. The concept could be ok for sharing interesting stuff with people, interesting links, depending on your interests or even your job, but damnit the people just misuse it like everything else.

    Same thing for MSN nicknames, or facebook status’ and facebook status’ comments. Why not just talk to the person instead of publicly saying it. You wanna meat up with someone, just fucking call or msn with him! It makes what people say not honest, they speak for everyone else instead of concentrating on the person.

    Sorry for the bad language but I’m pissed! Shit! Damn! 😀

  38. What I’d really like to see is a twitter competitor with more functionality

    add functionality and you have facebook… or in other words =>

    twitter = (facebook) – (everything but status updates)

  39. The idea that one person thinks that all other people give a rat’s ass about what they are doing every second of the day is disturbing. In an upward trend in self-centered acceptance, cell phones were the first step in the title, “I’m important.” Then came the personal web page. Then blogs/MySpace/Facebook. The high someone gets from being important is like a heroin addiction. Combine this with services like Stickam, where people enjoy putting themselves on their own reality TV shows, watching them sleep, fuck, eat, and bitch at others like themselves, Twitter becomes the latest addiction to, “ME ME ME ME ME.” No one will care 10 minutes later. That’s the problem with ME ME ME addictions; not only does they high not last, the drug is never strong enough, because reality is always lurking around the corner. If you are boring, you are boring. Technology cannot change that. Until brain implants are available at Wal-Mart.

    Personally I couldn’t imagine “checking in,” with some service like a house arrest inmate, “Hey, I’m wiping my ass, look, there’s some cabbage in there…” “I’m masturbating to granny porn.” “My friends are all drunk, hey look, one just cut his thumb off…’

    …come to think of it, maybe *I* should have Twitter! Thumb-cutting updates? Huzzah!

    Right. Go to hell, Twitter.


  40. I agree, completely pathetic idea…

    I mean – honestly? Why….why….why…Of all the great ideas out there, why do stupid ideas like this get swamped.

    You know why.

    Because there majority are DUMB.

  41. I think Twitter can be handy during natural disasters, emergencies, etc.
    You get to tell all your followers about your impending death using a mobile phone! Much more efficient use of time than, say, helping out fellow victims or getting out alive.

  42. I too have to admit I can’t understand why people engage in twitter. I believe, like many here, that it’s largely because most folks feel they have no voice in the world today, and so any bit of an audience they can get is a good thing to be leveraged to the max.

    It’s sort of like an AA meeting where you stand up and tell your (boring) tale. Nobody in the room really gives a shit but they all clap and pat you on the back because they want you to do the same to them when it’s their time to tell their (boring) tale.

  43. I AGREE!! Twitter sucks. I can’t think of anything more pointless. I’m a tech person, quite geeky when I need to be, but I really don’t dig twitter. I just don’t give a sh*t about it or what anyone on it has to say. I may as well set up a sh*tter feed to inform everyone when I’m about to have a motion.

    I love the way the comments are still rolling in on this post after almost 2 years!

  44. I don’t send text messages. If I need to talk to someone I’ll call them. I don’t have a myspace page. Well, I did for a few months then I realized how stupid it was. I signed up on twitter today after hearing all the hype on TV and everywhere else. I found out that Twitter is even more retarded than myspace and sending text messages.

    I suppose back when telephones first came out, people resisted them saying … “if I need to talk to joe, I’ll go see him in person”. Look how that turned out. The same resistance probably came with many people when cell phones were introduced. Same deal.

    Some forms of communication are really necessary and convinient. I just don’t see twitter, myspace or text messaging as being either.

  45. From reading all your comments, it is clear that the only people who will use Twitter are students. Everyone else is too busy working or moving on with their lives, but students are much more involved in each others’ lives. That too will pass when they have to start thinking about their own jobs, kids, spouses, mortgages, etc.

    Twitter is age specific and will remain that way.

  46. “Twitter sucks, plain and simple. Go outside and get some fresh air.”

    AMEN to that!!! I’ll tell you why people like twitter. We’re accustomed to having trends and bandwagons to jump on. It gives many something to look forward to. Without these things, many would come to grips with how empty their lives are. Not only should we “Go outside and get some fresh air.” We should go out with a mission of meeting people and making REAL connections with human beings. I mean, technology is the bomb when you’re creating something that’s inspiring people or making lives better. But crap like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Myspace,….it’s all rubbish. And this is all coming from a guy with 10 years of I.T. experience.

  47. Twitter is LAME. Get a life. You ‘well-known’ people who think twitter is a way to reach the masses (you know who I’m talking about) are about as useless as a poopy flavored lolly pop.

  48. Having Googled “Twitter + sucks” this morning, this was the first result.
    I saw the date and figured, okay, 3/25/08. Only a year or so old.
    Now, nearly two full years later, it appears the author was spot on.
    Especially the “…but will succeed anyway” part.
    My interest in this phenomenon stems from its appearence in the “Doonsbury” comic strip; among other mentions in the MSM.
    I am like the commenter’s characters in the old movies.
    I give out my email address only grudgingly, and submit to the new world order with great distaste.
    Our old friend George Orwell was correct; just in a different context.
    Of course another comic author said it best a few years back: We have met the enemy, and it is ourselves.
    Nice post; good commenting.

  49. Twitter sucks balls, just like all the other so called “social networking” sites. What is really sad and pathetic, is when old people (50 and up) start raving on about this junk like it’s some-kind of “neat thing”.

    Also MSNBC has been over hyping this shit to death. Again, really sad and pathetic when you hear David Shuster and Rachel Maddow say “Twitter me @????”. What a way to nerd up your time…

  50. Talk is cheap because supply always far exceeds the demand…. that is the problem with Twitter, MySpace, and all the other wastes of time technology has spawned (I am aware of the irony of decrying the excess of unsolicited opinions on a blog). There’s a reason why serious authors have publishers, and why major publications have editors.

    Having read previous posts, it is refreshing to see that not everyone has gone completely mad. I agree that these so-called tools are attractive only to those stuck in the high-school mentality… or, more likely, still in high-school. I don’t have a MySpace or Facebook account, rarely read blogs (this one was just too tempting), certainly won’t Twitter and have never owned a cell phone… yet I’ve never felt like something was missing. Then again, I’m a person who values privacy and it seems, these days, I am greatly outnumbered.

    Whatever happened to literature, hell, full sentences! Our children can’t spell and confuse knowledge with trivialities; how is that making for better communication? Barring a few professionals, e-mails and land lines seem to cover all the bases. We have created artificial needs, are now being treated as mindless sheep… and most seem to like it !!!!!?

  51. Twitter is just high tech butt sniffing. If dogs could do it they would. How inane. whatareyoudoing?hereiswhatiamdoing.pantpantsniffsniff

  52. Twitter makes my b@||$ itch! Schwetty style! Crapola! You have to be 4 and under or two pages short of a chapter to actually use it.

  53. I can’t see a reason why I’d join again (it lasted a week) because, because, because–actually I can’t see any reason. But if there is, I’ll do it!! Or not. I did see a lot of self-important types and since I’m so very important myself, then everyone was happy. Except that my messages started dissapearing and whether it was a system bug, or somewhat hacked into my account, I’ll never know–because that’s when I quit twitter–partly out of realizing that nobody cared what I posted; just as I could have cared less for 99% of what I read. No offence, guys. None taken?

  54. I just found out about twitter. I kept seeing all these middle aged people on the cable news channels try to tell me how this is something “the young kids are doing”. Well, im under 25 and neither I or anyone i know had heard of this crap until very rencently. Twitter is gay.

  55. I want to know who owns twitter? Why is fox news pushing Twitter. This is a trick to data mine our lives further for free. We will make somebody filthy rich off of our (what should be private) lives. This data will be used to market you further. Can anybody answer the question of who owns it or has invested interests.

  56. All the sales pitches in the media for Twitter lately have failed to convince me of it’s ‘usefullness’. To begin with, if I want to know what all my friends are up to, I go to Facebook. The only reason I’m starting to ‘hate’ Twitter is all the ridiculous claims being made about how it will revolutionize the world, save lives in emergencies, etc, etc. I don’t believe it will, but I’m open to it, so prove me wrong Twitter…prove me wrong! Time will be the ultimate judge.

  57. Twitter allows companies to get in touch with customers and provide customer service, build alliances, reach out to the media (I landed a Wall Street Journal interview through a Twitter post), and monetize relationships. It makes CEOS, executives, celebrities, and large companies accessible. Facebook and Twitter are different animals, and are used in different ways. It’s up to you to figure out how to make it work for you. Sure, there are some downsides, but I remember very well what people said about Facebook a few years back. Sounds a lot like the comments I’m reading here.

    If all you’d be talking about is your bowel movement, then we thank you for not using Twitter.

    P.S. – Twitter is a privately-owned company, owned by Obvious. The three founders/developers use Twitter and interact with others that use it.

  58. Twitter sucks. I think the small minority of people on here that are defending Twitter are being less than honest. I think most of them (and yes, this includes you Esther) have some form of business interest in Twitter. Such people are defending Twitter because they want to make money, not because they genuinely think it is a valuable site. In contrast , the majority of people here (myself included), who are bashing Twitter, generally have nothing to gain by bashing it. We just genuinely think it’s a lousy idea. I have infinitely more respect for people expressing their honest opinion than I do for people trying to deviously advocate for their own interests. Being dishonest sucks as much as Twitter.

  59. LOL “splenda flavor blends”. Twitter sucks butt!! i dont see all hype about it, its incredibly boring if you ask me.. then again, it only works for people with friends and lives (unfortunetly i have neither) so i guess im sh*t out of luck! too bad oh so sad lol. right now i just use it to write random bs updates which is quite entertaining if you ask me. Twitter: “what are you doing:?”….. me: “sitting on the can taking a massive dump!” LOL. yeah. i say…if you want to be bored to death then go join twitter.com today, you wont be dissapointed! 😛

  60. If twitter is what’s new, then what’s next? I mean this is getting ridiculous. When people tell me they send me an email and I check my email and tell them they haven’t, they explain oh “I messaged you on Facebook.” Really?? Not only will my unborn children have to learn multiple foreign languages to compete, they’ll have to learn this crap too. I really do wonder what’s next though. lol.

  61. I agree with most all of you. If it were say… 1997 I could see how twitter may be an advancement in tech. But it’s 2009. This is the best the tech world is producing? I say it’s pathetic. Sure seems like anti-social media to me, considering people just create their own realities on these services.


  62. Thank you for this post, I keep hearing about Twitter on the News, like nothing more important is going on in the world. Twitter seems like it would be fun for kids, but why the hell are our elected representatives wasting time twittering away during speechs? Effing tools. Twitter is for Twits, EOS. Epic fail whale to our society at large for rushing to this like it is something worthwhile in any way, shape or form.

  63. I’ve got a Facebook account I use it once a while, but Twitter just sucks.

    Now every time I put on my TV cnn,fox,msnbc it twitter this,twitter that, talk about hyping up rubbish!!.

  64. Let’s take a look-see here… since March 30th, 2007 at 6:42 am, only 85 people before me have been to this page and seen fit to comment on it.

    That’s a number so low over the course of 2 years it’s considered “insignificant” to any statistical data.

    And most of that insignificant number (85) got here by Googling “twitter sucks,” meaning this page does not show up in any other forms of Googling for info on twitter, and that in turn means not a whole lot of people feel that way. Also, the 85 posts before this one aren’t all unique; there are multiple people posting replies.

    Anyway, I don’t use twitter yet, but after seeing how popular it is at conventions like South By Southwest, I gotta say it looks and sounds like a lot of fun.

    If it’s not your cup of tea, that’s cool too. Just realize that you’re the minority and feel happy that you are unique in your view.

  65. I was on Twitter but no more. My issue with Twitter is if you don’t check off “private updates” Twitter submits all your status reports and @replies to Google(for those who haven’t cancelled their Twitter account do a search of a few words of your status or @ replies on Twitter).

    I think if you choose “public updates” Twitter should only have your search results available to the people who use Twitter(and no one else).
    At least Facebook(and it’s far from perfect), doesn’t submit my public status updates to Google. Only to the public using Facebook.

    p.s. as for Twitter not taking ads I heard on the radio few days ago they’re about to. Either way with or without ads Twitter’s lost me due to submitting everything to Google. I’m not impressed!

  66. @Dan – Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. Evan Williams was the person behind Blogger (aka the biggest repository of stolen content, malware, spyware and garbage blogs now owned by Google). So if you ever wondered why Twitter took off so fast, it’s because Web2.0 has nothing to do with originality, functionality or business models – it has to do only with marketing buzz, getting as many users as quick as you can and selling to Google or some other media outlet before they can figure out it can’t be monetized. Considering the revenue Google generates from Blogger and YouTube it’s no wonder they’re not the least bit interested in Twitter (or Digg).

    The thing I don’t like about Twitter is that it’s really not an effective communication medium. It’s like a thousands of people standing in a forest all shouting at the same time about unrelated topics. Somebody said it’s like a noisy cocktail party for thousands of people but I find cocktail parties and social mixers to be booooring. There’s only so much one can stomach listening to other people trying to promote themselves or pimp their business.

  67. Thanks to all for the sanity of these posts. Nollaig, in a strange synchronicity, I dreamed I was at a cocktail party made up of these fools. The ground on which I was standing turned into into quicksand. I screamed for help but no one could hear me over the tweets.

    Love that word “monetize.” It’s “cash-whoring” under a thin veneer of respectability.

  68. twittering is for twits. this is what you get when a large generation of self-important boomers lays down the foundation of “me”. the real world won’t miss the twittering masses as they represent at best ego driven connon fodder. anyone who actually cares to spend their ever decreasing time on this planet reading the meaningless details of someone elses life is wasting perfectly good oxygen best used by another..twit on that…

  69. Twitter? What a perfect name for something designed for Twits. Just another stupid attempt at building something with no value, and trying to make money out of it, if that’s even possible. Of course it is indeed growing fast, and that says a lot about people these days. How frickin sad. Hey, I have an idea. Why not build something that goes beyond 140 characters, and might actually move people towards deeper and more meaningful relationships. Oh yeah, we already have that, it’s called LIFE and real FRIENDSHIP, and those who really care will not need Twitter. Sorry, I can’t say anymore, I have to go let everybody know that I just picked my nose and plan to eat a sandwich this afternoon. Nice post Dom!

  70. Perhaps a TWIT filter can be developed and then there will be meaning to this. Just enter your criteria and any message that doesn’t correspond is not received. Make a mico-targeted search engine that is personal to your chosen network and provides you with updates about what you care about. Then sell the filter to high-value people for a nominal quarterly subscriptipon fee (people who are serious about contributing to a given industry/interest and leveraging relationships within that set) ; the twits can continue on the entry level model to share their twit stories which can be funded by sponsorship from companies interested in targeting Twits. We can then have Twit segmentation; another niche business for social marketing experts to bank from…and the lists of the non-twits will be brokered to others looking more select markets. 🙂

  71. Mark – Here’s what i said: “Twitter allows COMPANIES to get in touch with customers and provide customer service, build alliances, reach out to the media (I landed a Wall Street Journal interview through a Twitter post), and monetize relationships.” I never claimed to NOT be trying to make money with Twitter. Just the opposite. I represent myself as an employee of the company I promote, and connect with people who I think I might be able to build a symbiotic relationship with. I agree that people who try to pretend they’re not trying to expand their brands, increase revenue, get new customers should be ignored, but I’ve seen very little (if any) of that.

    • Why does a company need to use Twitter to get in touch with customers and provide customer service when this can be done using the support channels already in place? You mean with Twitter, if anyone is found complaining or bad talking the company, the company can intervene and contact the customer? People gripe about companies all over the place, not just Twitter. That's part of business. Mostly all your points are just weak attempts to justify Twitter's legitimacy. Look at yourself for example, you provide nothing of value but yet you have over 6,000 people following your petty communications. That is what I call sad. But I'm sure it makes you feel important.

  72. Is Twitter based in China?

    I must conclude it is after what I’ve been through.

    I got my account suspended. Why you ask? Because I criticized another user, because I had an opinion. What ensued was this person I criticized asking his thousands of followers to accuse my account of spam (falsely accuse). “Just send a message @spam with the name of his account” he told his followers, he added “If you do this for me, I’ll add you to my user following”. So far it’s clear I was dealing with a psycho but that’s ok, he’s free to be one. What mattered to me was getting Twitter to realize it did a mistake, the accusations were false and this was just a way to shut me up, a sort of bullying.
    By then I was already quite disappointed with the fact that Twitter suspends accounts automatically. I don’t know what the exact number is but if they receive a certain amount of complaints about an account, they automatically suspend it and only later check if they did the right thing.
    The Twitter sentence came: “In this case “impersonation” is the issue. Impersonation is against our terms of service unless it’s parody. The standard for defining parody is, “Would a reasonable person be aware that it’s a joke.””
    Yes a reasonable person would, there’s hundreds or thousands of “parody” accounts, people get it, they’re reasonable but I guess Twitter considers their users dumb.

    The only thing I could do in this situation was to create another account. Take in count every rule and it’s subjectivity so they couldn’t accuse me of anything. I did, but I continued sharing my opinions so the psycho (havidaemmarkl) repeated is scheme and guess what, a few hours later my account had been suspended. I couldn’t wait to hear what Twitter had to say. They deleted my first two requests for an explanation, what rule did I brake was my insisting question. Finally they replied:
    “You created an account. It violated our terms of service. It was suspended. You created another account. It, too, violated our terms of service; it also violated our terms of service by being created.
    You will not be reinstated on any account; if you create additional accounts, those will also be suspended.”
    Wow! Did they just say that? I had to read it a couple of times to make sure. Democracy out of the window and that’s that. If you can turn your followers against someone with fewer followers, they go straight out of the window like it happened to me, no questions asked.

  73. Twitter Sucks. Have been trying for 2 days to get the site to work right. Come to find out they have the same issues since February 2009 and nothing has been resolved to work right.

    You’d think with the name they’ve got and the amount of followers that they’d be fixing their problems after all the complaints they’ve had.

    Surprisingly enough there are NOT a lot of bad reviews out there until your read their support forum.

    I was told by my employer to set up a profile to start advertising products. Well, I told him I’m not going to deal with this. For 2 days I’ve tried to set up a simple profile without results.

    It’s plain ridiculous!!!

    Thanks for listening.

  74. There is an addiction element to Twitter. If a company can find or create an addiction, it will. When cigarettes were first produced, everyone smoked. No one really thought it was bad for you or addicting. Now, all sort of studies exist to prove it is addicting, and it kills you. Television, Twitter, Facebook, etc., all create A.D.H.D. Soon it will be deemed bad for us. But, for now, it is unregulated, and we are all doomed to waste our days getting the instant gratification/stimulation to which we are addicted. It’s like the movie “idiocracy.”

  75. It’s nothing but data mining and the selling of souls.

    The twittering mass of dipshits are either too dumb to know what they’re up against or involved in sucking the lifeblood out of others for personal gain. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Classmates and anything else thats busy gathering your personal information are nothing but fronts for data mining companies. The faster you tweet the quicker they can go public..

    Twitter is the worst of the bunch because the public lays out their everyday footprints in the most unflattering mundane detail. Every nuance of your being spilled voluntarily across their kitchen floor for them to mop up and soak in.

    Twitter is basically your facist big brother. You thought Big Brother would come in government issued Jackboots but he actually parachuted in through the ether-net….now


  76. twitter is an example of how a not so-great-idea gets all the attention thanx to the hype. I myself registered to twitter a month ago after “peer” pressure of my friends.As for twitter my first impression was that its a flippant attempt to create sth ko_0l. Tell me plz tell me.. why should I know what my friend is doing @10.34AM, 10.47PM…. don’t I have stuff to do? Really dude get a LIFE!!

  77. I love my friends but have no interest in knowing what they are doing every minute of the day. Nor do I want them to know what I’m doing every minute of the day.

    Technology was supposed to set us free and allow us to do things that we couldn’t before, IMHO all its doing is making us slaves.

    Peace out

  78. This is why bebo is so much better than this and myspace, its easier its free and its fun.
    Do you accually think Twitter will last once they start charging people to send messages and that?
    NO, People will realise how stupid it is and go back to Facebook and Bebo, there the 2 that will stay on top,Bebo and Facebook already beat Myspace and no doubt it will beat Twitter.. Why?
    Bebo has more pages for everyone not just a box asking what your doing?

    How sad is that to be typing what your doing every minute of your life!

  79. Lol I heard Howard stern is picking this is up yet he claims to be so against shit like Twitter and Myspace and facebook like that.

    Hypocrits are so amusing.

  80. I love Google. Type “Twitter sucks” and here we are. Hell, the NY Times did an article about how no one listens to voicemail anymore. Caller ID on cell phones have rendered it irrelevant. I haven’t logged into MySpace this year. I refuse to add myself to FaceBook. I don’t YELP anymore. I don’t monitor the forum on my favorite sports team every hour anymore. I don’t follow blogs every day. I have unsubsribedfrom countless ListServs. WHY? Because I have a freaking LIFE and a freaking JOB. I cannot stay connected to the world AND actually earn a living. So TWEET away. Just leave me alone.

  81. Great article. I concur on all points. Heres a suggestion for the nay-sayers… Go outside and throw the ball around for a while.

  82. @BigDumper – I think I’ll take a crap now.
    @BigDumper – Ooooo… It’s a Big One.
    @BigDumper – It’s like a big Turtle Head slowly popping its’ head out
    @BigDumper – RRRRRR…. RRRRRRR….. PLOP!
    @BigDumper – Oh, that feels better! – What a relief!

    What are you doing today?

  83. Well, I don’t see them charging 30-60 cents per message, that’s just crazy, perhaps a set monthly or yearly rate, but in either case, I’ll never be part of it because I don’t feel a need to inform people of my every move. Hardly. I’m trying to hide from people, not tell them my every move. I’m waiting for the day that someone gets stalked/killed because they just had to twitter their every move. I think alot of the draw is that famous people are jumping on the twitter bandwagon, and people feel they’ll be able to communicate with them, however, I’m sure famous twitterers are tweeting only, and not reading anything, it’s just another advertising vehicle for them to sell themselves.

  84. Hey this original post is way off base. MySpace for one has helped us market our bands music to the World! Not only that, but through the exposure we have gained on MySpace and Twitter we are now making good income in the number one depressed market in the United States, Detroit, Michigan! To some this may be useless, to others it has been a great thing for sure! If it wasn’t for MySpace and Twitter I would most likely be unemployed with no income. It has helped us greatley. Check us out at http://www.myspace.com/threepeacerocks or our official website at http://www.threepeace.org. Rock on MySpace and Twitter – oh yeah the twitter is http://www.twitter.com/threepeace.

  85. Here is the new competitor for Twitter: Plurk. Awful name, way better than Twitter. It implements everything Twitter doesn’t. I predict that it will be to Twitter as Facebook was to Myspace.


  86. Great comments here; funny and educational at the same time! thanks Entrepreneur– you , the OP and some others really nailed it!
    twitter will be popular until, a new one comes along!

  87. I’m still trying to figure it out. All of its instructions are about how wonderful it is, I can’t get a technical answer from anyone or a defiition of terms.
    What’s a follower, what’s a follow? What’s an SMS? I can’t call it a ripoff because it’s free. But it is useless.


  88. It is the biggest waste of time, money, energy, and space the world has ever witnessed. Seems very familiar to facebook status, and guess what, I don’t GIVE A SH*T!

  89. @David R #86 You obviously don’t know anything about statistics. Even though this is not a random sample, if anything your statement supports the conclusion that a huge number of people hate twitter.

  90. What I find annoying is that others in my line of work as a Realtor have said belonging to Twitter is necessary to my survival as an agent… well bite me. Everybody has an opinion and I really enjoy the humor expressed in this post and some of the comments. I just don’t see Twitter as absolutely necessary for anyone.

  91. I am so tired of Twitter. The annoying part for me is every news station, sports show, athlete, or pseudo-celebrity talks about Twitter. That makes me think two things. Twitter is either paying people to sign up, or there corporate bosses are forcing them to. Either way, those are both signs that the end is near. Once the conglomerates get hold of a trend, the end of that trend is soon to follow. If not, something even more pointless will come along and replace Twitter.

  92. Years ago the movie 1984 got people upset that we were being watched. Now with twitter we are giving the information without thinking twice. What about questionable activities being posted in twitter … “I’m now cutting the coke with breaking soda instead of …” “I hid the body in the crawl space, must get to the store and purchase more …”

  93. It’s seems Twitter does serve a purpose. It gives people with nothing better to do something to bitch about. Jesus, get a life.

  94. I don´t like twitter.

    …I am in the bathroom…
    …I was brushing my hair…
    …I will go outside…
    …I return to my house, so I can post here…

    What is this? Why do I need to know what are you doing?

  95. The find function on twitter is broken. “Twitter” get’s a lot of press and their is a bunch of hype. I don’t think it will last long when the core thing that it offers is broken. No find, no follow. Find seems to be the gateway to following people.

  96. I love twitter. I go on it 24 hours a day. It is the best website ever. How dare you insult my favorite website like that! I will find you on Twitter and kill you. You suck and by the way, Twitter is way too good for you sad, sad people. You are just so jealous of it because you cannot create a better website. You suck and twitter rocks.

    End of conversation.

  97. Twitter has become a marketer’s wet dream and the lonely person’s refuge.

    It’s now a place where two things happen:
    1. people tweet drivel and the inconsequential doings and goings on in their daily lives–some, hoping to make more connections and others, just because they have nothing better to do and think it’s fun….
    2. people and companies tweet (post) links to info about their business interests, enticing people to go to their url, or to click on some website to learn more, and, maybe to buy whatever it is they are selling (follow CNN! get the latest from ESPN! buy my new book, click here!, read my blog, here!))

    It’s not unique (you can get internet friends and online connections elsewhere), and it’s not good for business (it’s boring to read marketing crap all the time from marketers…eww..give me a bath!)
    What’s the future of twitter?
    Natural selection will decide. Many casual users will drop it, and move on to the next new thing,…and it will morph into some kind of revenue generating stream for the founders.

  98. i hate hate hate twitter it sucks theres nothin to do all it is to do on there is get friends and put ur staute boring but then comes facebook and the best of all myspace its the best myspace is tight yo it has everything better profile better music friends comments i dont think that everybodys gonna leave myspace for twitter so twitter mind as well shut down righte now cuz boy let me tell u i will shut down twitter if i dont shut down and boy its not gonna be pretty twitter sucks its cheeks and cheeks mean lame boring stupid twitter is cheeks facebook is for older people i have a facebook but im not that old im in my 20’s im 27 but face book is better that twitter its jus so much better than twitter if i would really say what i really think about twitter it wouldnt be nice so im not gonna say it twitter sucks i dont even care if i go to jail i jus want twitter shut down NOW!!!!!!!!!!! TWITTER SUCKS PEOPLE SO DONT GET A TWITTER CUZ IF U DO GET A TWITTER IM TELLIN U ITS CHEEKS








  100. “the beauty of tweeter”????
    you people make me sick get a life go outside and get some exercise.

    It’s hilarious how some people defend tweeter and at the same time sad…

    and yes I said sad (because they think other peoples lives are more interesting that their own and that in my book is pathetic)

  101. If you are tired of facebook but want a way to connect with artists and musicians then you should check out http://www.putiton.com

    If you are tired of facebook but still want to connect with your friends then pick up the phone…

  102. I’m an artist and I haven’t been satisfied using twitter or myspace to promote myself… too slow and too much junk. I’ll give putiton a try… it looks clean

  103. I like Facebook. I’ve connected to lots of old friends, posted pics for friends to see and written info so that friends can find out what’s going on in my life. It has a lot of application. But Twitter seems to have no application unless you are stocking someone that tweets all of the time. I really can’t think of any application on twitter that isn’t already achieved by email, Facebook, texting, or IM. Seems like just another popularity contest for dweebs. Maybe I’ll start my own social networking site and call it dweebie, a place for dweebs!


    All of the above now officially suck ass. All of these pieces of shit are a HUGE waste of time and should therefore be terminated.

  105. What is twitter? I have never heard of it. It sounds like something birds do… you know, twitter twitter tweet tweet tweet.

  106. Lol Zarkon I just recently heard of twitter and had no idea it was out since 2007. Myspace = trash, Twitter = bigger trash.

  107. As soon as I hear about Twitter I was like that is so dumb, but thinking I ha a wrong impression so I asked my friend (who has an account) what do you do on twitter? They replied “you search people then a them so you can see what they tweet about” “Oh is that it?” “”No you can write what your doing too” “and that’s it?” “well yeah… basically” wooh man awesome

    12:01~Making PB&J
    12:06~Eating PB&J
    12:13~Finished PB&J
    12:14~Poured glass of milk
    12:14~Spit Out milk
    12:15~Found out milk expired yesterday

    Honestly , who really cares?even if they might be celebs!! I DO NOT CARE!!!!!

  108. Twitter fails… Seriously.. Why is everyone going “Twitter this” and “Twitter that”


  109. People using this twitter thing are clearly the sadest creatures. They have no self respect, no dignity, well basically no real life.

    Just the name itself is story on its own. What sane person creates an account on a site called twitter. Well the answer is: noone does.

    It’s just so sad to see people spitting on themselves in front of a crowd. Twitter users have no more self respect than junkies. The difference is that junkies are aware of it.

  110. I hope this sick puppy dies SOON because I am being BOMBARDED BY TWITTER 24/7. Radio ads are telling me to go to East West Mortgage’s Twitter feed


    I wonder when the media are going to stop hyping this — I’m predicting there will be a big “oh, wait, TWITTER SUCKS” moment when the world realizes that most people are never, ever going to use this POS.

  111. first of twitter is just another example of how retarded people are becoming.

    1:00 shitting
    1:05 wiping
    1:06 flushing
    1:07 washing hands
    1:09 returning to work at McDonald’s because i waste all my time on twitter so i cant get a real job.

  112. I have to agree that Twitter seems to be geared towards folks who a) have nothing better to do and b) have some serious issues with egocentricity. The *bathroom* scenario seems to be a familiar theme as I read through these comments, and I must say that something along those lines is precisely what I thought of the first time I saw some twit logging his every movement (so to speak). I created an account because it seemed like the thing to do, and have since closed it. What waste of time…

  113. twitter is basically just like the old chat rooms we had 10 years ago, except now you can send and receive messages to it with your cell phone. Remember the old refresh .ASP chat rooms back in the day .. it sucked then and it sucks now … sorry but it will only succeed among the new generation dumb kids that think its something new.

  114. Great post, except for the business plan of charging 50 cents a message. Maybe instead they could offer a “premium” service that lets you twit longer tweets. Then people who don’t have premium service could only see the first 140 characters, and would be forced to sign up for premium, and so on. See, there are ways Twitter could be more evil!

  115. Twitter is totally horrible,. the fact that you can only type 150 letters when sending someone a message is retarded!! when i wanna tell someone something i have to shorten what i am going to say by going back and deleting some characters.,stupid! and then wind up sending them twenty messages just to tell them something i couldve told them somewhere else like myspace,.myspace is the only way to go,. all the others are dumb.,but twitter is by far the worst!! and the fact that can only upload one pic is retarded too,. what if i want more duh??one time i tried to upload a pic and this is what it told me for no reason{Twitter is over capacity.
    Too many tweets! Please wait a moment and try again.}
    what the hell is that crap,.? what,it cant handle the 2% of nobody that gets on twitter,.dumb again?!!!!TWITTER,YOU SUCK….DELETE YOURSELF!!!

  116. Twitter is just plain stupid. who freaking cares what people are doing? jesus, get a LIFE. all of you that do twitter are idiots. it is clear you are insecure with yourself and you look to others to validate your self worth.

  117. Twitter sucks and whats more it even gets the endorsement from the US government,now its the official mouth piece of the state and will stop using that.There is no difference between Twitter and the other state controlled news media.

  118. I totally agree with you. Except not for MySpace, but for MySpace MUSIC which you didn’t address specifically. I find it nice as a place to showcase my music and it works good. And I don’t have to be around it updating all the time. But Twitter is terrible, I see companies saying we must go into Twitter! It’s a great marketing tool! That scares me off even more. No way I’ll ever go into Tweeter. Kill that bird

  119. Twitter is just blogging imo therefore nothing new and just the secondlife followup hype indeed hyped by payed marketeers. Just open a weblog to spill you’re life stories who really no1 cares about except grandma who can’t use a pc.
    Nothing new just some blackberry nabs jumping on the hype train.
    Wait 1 year………….

  120. Twitter Is for boring morons with no life and no normal social skills. Anyone who Is socially adept does not need to hangout on a social networking site (like Twitter..etc) and post their every move or every aspect of their boring lives. What ever happened to going out and physically meeting and socializing normally, one on one with people and friends?? Not virtual friends. Twitter Is a phallacy.

  121. The world would be a better place if everyone said less, but considered what they said before they said it.

    Twitter is just another symptom of a social malaise. That malaise is a combination of egocentricity and lack of self-control. Non-stop communication cheapens life.

    The fact is, most people have very little worthwhile to say in their lives. Even absolute geniuses aren’t thinking something of interest much of the time.

  122. All my friends were constantly nagging me to to sign up for twitter.So i googled “why twitter” and ended up here .Great post! Thanks for saving me.

  123. lets be honest.

    twitter is completely useless unless your a celebrity. All the rest are uppity douchebags that cant get off his smartphone, blackberry, iphone or macbook.

    do you have 10,000 friends? amazing..no problems there..but why dont you actually call them? oh wait..because you actually dont have 10,000 friends.. forgot didnt you?
    in reality who prospers from your updates??
    what happened to the good old instant message..because in reality your only interacting with a select few people in your lives, and those people you can just as easily stay in contact with by making a phone call
    …oh but your impersonable..thats right..

    does everyone need to know when “jack” is taking a shit… no
    nor does anyone care when “jack” is eating a delicious meal.. its irrelevant.
    if “jack” cared so much, why didnt he specifically inform YOU? and not his “10,000” friends..because “jack” isnt there for you, hes there for him.
    “jack” likes the spotlight, he likes that bandwagon, and he will keep on riding until the next “facetwitterspace” comes out.

  124. Twitter sucks because first of all twitter is nothing more than a blog and you can write shit about yourself that nobody gives a rat’s ass about woohoo not fun. Facebook is a little more decent in online communication these days and myspace hasn’t lost it’s flame either but twitter seriously… people are pretty used to chatting online now but now your gonna put what your doing right now that’s pretty lame. what if i typed i am taking a crap right now no one cares what your doing and even if they do meet in person low-life retards

  125. D you all realize that you’re blasting an application simply because you don’t have any idea how to use it?

    Many people use Twitter to share real time news and current happenings of great import (breaking news, for instance) and share insights about information that can be used for business or personal growth (books to read, music to buy, computer innovations, job interview tips, restaurant recommendations, random thought that might be very amusing…).

    Once you make ‘friends out of your followers’, its like having a conversation with hundreds or thousands of people at once, and responding to just those people who truly interest you.

    • People understand your points. I think the problem with all this chatter, is that it is being broadcast in public and for the record. It raises the question of WHY. Why would you want to use something like that where other people can search Google and Twitter and find everything you are chatting about? Oh I know, because it will increase traffic back to you/your site and or make you more popular? There are some fundamental issues which are disturbing, especially with regards to privacy. Why don't you just use a chat room or IM service if all you want is to make friends? Why do you have to put everything on display for public records? That's the strange thing.

  126. Ever heard of a Tweet Up? That’s when people arrange to meet offline..after they’ve connected on Twitter. These can be business connections or people who simply share a common interest in music or something. Twitter is as Twitter does..you gotta know what to do with it to get the most out of it.

    I do not tweet that I’m going to the bathroom, or what I’m having for dinner..that is a surefire way to get unfollowed from Twitter *meaning, people won’t want to know what you have to share*, because, no one cares about that mundane stuff.
    But share something valuable, or your impressions about an event that people are connected to (a newstory that’s happening right now, or a new release in theatres), and you’ll get plenty of followers who share your interests.
    Then, maybe, just maybe, if they are local, you’ll meet up in person with these people and truly interact. It happens!

  127. Outstanding comments. Some of you may have a damn career in stand-up. As this has been mentioned previously “Twitter” is definitely for the attention grabbing and socially misguided misfits of the world.

    Honestly, ask yourself why you would want someone in your shit 24/7 and 7 days a week?

    I actually came across a website called bawlbuster.com that was created by a 12 year old homeschooled kid. It’s a video and photo sharing website based on extreme sports and unique talents. Pretty raw site but for a 12 years old I thought it was pretty neat.

    Apparently, this kid and a bunch of his skateboarding crew hold an on-line tournament and the most original and unique video or photo submitted for the month wins cash. I thought it was pretty neat concept.

  128. If your friends are watching you, so am I……hehehehehe.
    War is peace
    freedom is slavery
    ignorance is strength

  129. Hallelujah, praise the Lord and pass the biscuits. Yes, Twitter sucks. It’s a chatroom, that’s why it hasn’t made any money. It’s users are too busy chatting. That’s right, chatting. They are not tweeting, they are not twatting, they are chatting. It’s just the same as using MSN messenger and sending lol messages to your virtual friends. For the love of Pete, please get a life Twitter lovers and stop begging me to join your Twitter Chat club.

  130. Twitter is for people who do not like personal contact. They use it to provide the illusion that they are social. Some people are not that needy. IT.

  131. Geex i agree people. twitter is lame, but thats because thats something i don’t like. i dont judge people who do. what do u know, everybody is different and likes different things. who are all of you to judge?
    Twitter is lame, but people whining about “twits” are even lamer.

  132. Twitter has NO staff, is constantly being hacked, spammed or people stealing other people’s twitter ID. Customer service SUCKS. It grew too fast and no one there knows what the F*** they’re doing. Lame. Lame. Lame. If you want to be hacked, ripped off, worse….twitter.

  133. I tried using twitter twice, once when no one I knew was on it and another time when a lot of the people I knew were on it and I hated it both times. If my friends are really doing something interesting I’d like to find out directly from them. If they aren’t really doing something interesting then I don’t want to hear about. In regards to the celebrities that get on, I don’t want to log on to a site and read a bunch of people self-promoting. The site is incredibly ridiculous.

  134. It might be useful to those sad people , now they have an excuse to build up an exciting social life rather than get stuck on facebook all day trying to figure out who the friend of a friend is.

    Micro-management by people with no social power.

  135. Well. For the first time in my life I agree with someone. I mean. Social networks in general Suck. Im a geek and im 10 hours a day at computer, still I dont use a single social network. I have friends, and life, and the last thing I want on my free time is spending time on the computer.
    The only social network that is somehow usefull would be Linkedin if your in business. So if Social Networks suck, then Twitter sucks double, because its nothing more then a chat. Something we can do with MSN, with any other chat program. I dont understand how Twitter is so popular. It just sucks bad time. I think the only reason its a success its because it limits you to a shot message. So people twit more. But I find Twitter to be a nightmare. I dont want to update everyone what im doing all the time. Thats completely crazy. If I want to say something I write on my blog and people go online there only when they want.

  136. I own a small business and opened and twitter acct because everyone was doing it, our industry “pros” recommended it and to see what all the “viral” marketing talk was all about.

    We have a highly ranked e commerce site, highly ranked items on google base feeds, a blog using word press that automatically sent posts to twitter. It was everything that I was told to do by the “pros.”

    We featured informative articles, promoted products at good discount to a select targeted group of Twitter followers.

    We gave it 5 months to work…

    Number of orders attributed to Twitter in 5 months…


    Deleted my twitter acct, going back to the real world. I don’t care who uses Twitter, what great uses it may have. Twitter, for our business, is a big waste of time. Twitter sucks the big one.

  137. Someone a while back here said something like “I’m not doing Twitter because I don’t have anything meaningful to talk about”.

    THIS is the difference between a Tweeter and a Non-tweeter. The non-tweeters REALIZE they have nothing meaningful to talk about, the Tweeters are still in DENIAL that they have nothing meaningful to talk about, and continue to talk about said things anyway.

    It’s a wonderful example of how narcissistic our society has become.

  138. i have plenty of things to say, yet im so tired of hearing twitter this tweet that to me they’re all a bunch of twats who need to stop talking about life and just live it… twitter tweet, no. TWAT!

  139. LOL @ #156

    12:00: “im sittin on the can trying to take a dump”
    12:05: “yup…still sitting here”
    12:06: “i just farted”
    12:07: “it smells really bad (just lettin you know)”
    12:10: “ughhgh uuhh…nothings coming out!”
    12:12: “ugh, im constipated”
    12:15: “off to the quickie mart to buy some laxatives. be back in 10!”

    LOL. twitter is for twats!

  140. I have a Twitter account.

    Of course, the only thing I do on there is rant about how bad it sucks. Frankly, I don’t really give a damn about what you’re doing every waking moment. I have my own life to live, I don’t need to live yours too.

    Let’s be frank: How many of us, myself included, have a “Twit” account only because very powerful people tell us to?

  141. WOW. Twitter, thank you for proving that homo sapiens remains the noisest species on the planet, and that the two most-common elements in the universe remain hydrogen and stupidity.

  142. Dom Ramsay, I could not agree with you more if you both paid me to and put a gun to my head and threatened to air me out if I disagreed with you.

    Twitter is the twin boil to MySpace on the ass of the internet. It’s like having the greatest communications and knowledge sharing tool in human history used as a place for a 4 year old to wipe his mental boogers.

    Preach on brother! Even the dullest witted human may still have a synapse or 2 firing.

  143. I’m on Twitter and rarely interact or communicate with other users. Either they add me and I block them or I add them and they neglect to add me. They receive none of my messages and I receive none of theirs.

    Other than “following” newspapers, ESPN or other worthy advert that churns out semi-interesting articles, I see no real purpose or use for Twitter. It’s simply a colossal waste of time. Kudos to the geniuses who implemented this and convinced the entire world of it’s importance.

  144. Seriously, the guy who said that twitter is cool because you can filter down to what just your friend are doing is still a loser. I don't want to read that my friend Sally is having coffee at Starbucks, now she is with her boyfriend at dinner, next she is picking her nose, next she is in the bathroom stall…Who cares!!?? I am very social and love my friends but I don't sit at home or go places without them and need a constant update on their whereabouts. I call and ask them to go to a movie, go to the beach, go on a hike or to dinner. I actually spend time with them. This really comes down to the fact that no one knows how to be on their own and enjoy getting to know themselves anymore. A good balance of both social and self time is extremely important. Stop making sites, that were created by losers to make other losers feel more comfortable about being losers, popular. Make people popular who organize real community activities popular.

  145. I'm 17, Australian, I've never heard anyone my age say they use twitter, or anyone for that matter.
    As far as I'm concerned, it's a toy for middle aged Americans with too much money and time on their hands, and the egotistical notion that people actually care about their mundane lives.

  146. I don't follow anyone. And I don't want anyone following me. If I need to "connect" with someone I'll call them or stop by their house. Get a friggin life people.
    OOOOooo Anderson Cooper…. follow me on Twitter at blah blah. Eat me!!!

  147. twitter what saddo,s just like face book pretend friends who cares if somone you know is eating a big mac on the way back from work, if people are true friends you's speak to them face to face or on the phone , not some sad little pathetic social networing site. makes me laugh that people actually do this obviously have NO friends just little pretends ones in cyberspace.

  148. damn. FINALLY someone who shares my hatred with the most retarded and useless thing that modern technology has ever shat out. jesus christ its as if courtney love and dane cook had a bastard child in the form of a website

  149. I agree, Twitter sucks and it's pointless, unless you are a celebrity or using it to run a company or anything in that category.

    10/17/09 5:00 pm

    "Hey everyone! I'm eating a pop tart right now! hehehe!"

    10/17/09 6:00 pm

    "Hey everyone, I'm scratching my balls right now! hehehe!"

    Twitter is good? please! ~_~"

  150. Great article. I don't twitter and neither my friends. But some sad…sad people do and I think their friends must either. I don't give a crap about what my friends do at every moment…

    For twitters I got this advice: buy yourself a life.

  151. You're right Twitter sucks. It's a blogging site err just like the already exisitng Word Press for example? Plus you can already do all this stuff and more on myspace, facebook, bebo………………….give it a rest.

  152. Tim H. said:

    "I don't twitter and my friends don't twitter. I don't give a crap what they are doing at every moment, and they don't either.

    Twitter is pointless and reminds me when people started getting mobile phones: they called people to just say hi and make pointless conversation: "I got a cellular phone!" Whoop-de-do. Once that ended (finally), the real purpose of mobile phones emerged.

    The diufference between mobile phones and twitter is that twitter has no growth plan beyond the "look at me" phase. Pointless, stupid, insipid, and boring."

    Give this man a cigar! He's nailed it. What he said.

    However, he missed one thing with his mobile phone reference. He says that the real purpose of mobile phones eventually emerged. Thing is, Twitter has no real useful purpose. There isn't a single thing it does that other technologies don't do better. In fact, I'd argue that one technology beats it: RSS/ATOM.

  153. Great post, glad to see someone else who isn't so sucked into it, to see whats really going on. Everyday, the noise on Twitter gets more and more like static. Its turning into a bunch of robots following robots and my guess is that will the downfall if not taken care of.

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  154. Great post, glad to see someone else who isn't so sucked into it, to see whats really going on. Everyday, the noise on Twitter gets more and more like static. Its turning into a bunch of robots following robots and my guess is that will the downfall if not taken care of.

    I leave a link to my site, because I added content to yours. Hope you don't mind.
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  155. Great post, glad to see someone else who isn't so sucked into it, to see whats really going on. Everyday, the noise on Twitter gets more and more like static. Its turning into a bunch of robots following robots and my guess is that will the downfall if not taken care of.

    I leave a link to my site, because I added content to yours. Hope you don't mind.
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  156. Great post, glad to see someone else who isn't so sucked into it, to see whats really going on. Everyday, the noise on Twitter gets more and more like static. Its turning into a bunch of robots following robots and my guess is that will the downfall if not taken care of.

    I leave a link to my site, because I added content to yours. Hope you don't mind.
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  157. Great post, glad to see someone else who isn't so sucked into it, to see whats really going on. Everyday, the noise on Twitter gets more and more like static. Its turning into a bunch of robots following robots and my guess is that will the downfall if not taken care of.

    I leave a link to my site, because I added content to yours. Hope you don't mind.
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  158. Great post, glad to see someone else who isn't so sucked into it, to see whats really going on. Everyday, the noise on Twitter gets more and more like static. Its turning into a bunch of robots following robots and my guess is that will the downfall if not taken care of.

    I leave a link to my site, because I added content to yours. Hope you don't mind.
    Internet Marketing Tools

  159. Totally agree…If I see anyone talking about how useful is twitter in real life I would laught and point at his face too. Twitter sucks, as the trend of using it.

  160. I find this funny as people think to send sms via php/server cost people money no it doesnt.

    i can open any email app and send a text message to my phone
    most and i mean most of the cell carriers out there have like 0001234567@carrier.com

    examples are here

    I just find how noob people are these days.
    Its like "Common Sense" is not common anymore.

    It angers me and lights a fire in my soul on how stupid people are.
    Example… we have to put
    "Poison DO NOT EAT!" on a can of poison.

    If your that stupid and wish to eat it , you deserve to die.
    If the world was like this, all the stupid people would fail and die off
    and the smart ones would live.

  161. i have the answer to almost everyting wrong these days… its like this…

    Nature always took care of eliminating the failures of every species, but we the stupid humans just had to corrupt nature by holding to our weak ones, taking care of the diseased ones, and we let them procreate, we let thoe mutated flawed genes to carry on,… so… no wonder the world is filled with mediocre ppl, the masses are ignorant fucks with no education… u must admit the majority of ppl are just idiots… this is the reason we see so much fucked up ppl everywhere..
    and this is the reason crap bands or crap movies are sometimes big hits, THE MASSES R IGNORANT FUCKS THAT WE PROTECTED FROM NATURAL SELECTION, nuff said

  162. I like this post a lot! I fully agree with Tim H. Lets stick to the keep it fresh-on-the-inter-mesh.

    Internet rules because it allows us to publish our interests and imagination for others to learn, share and grow towards a greater objective. It actually takes time to make a good compilation out of your brainstorm and res-dev sessions. When you post it on the net, you can be proud of your work. Everybody can read or see all the energy you put into it.

    But twitter… twit twit 5hit

    Lets get back on track and stop that internet crack.


  163. Ha, Ha, Ha, this article is two years and some months old and it still the same, nothing has changed, twitter sucks, never used, never will. I use facebook instead 🙂 lol

  164. I hate twitter. I hate the name twitter. I hate the cutesy idea of twitter. I think twitter is a rat eating bird. In fact I think twitter eats that zsu zsu vermin the Japanese make. Only an idiot would let someone drag them through every site in the world. That A. sends you all kinds of spam. B. Tracks you everywhere you go. Thats pretty much what the thing is designed for. You have to use your brain here just a little. Its like that latest thing that costs way to much and you can't afford it. But for some strange reason you have to have it. Even if it screws you like a rabbit on steroids.

  165. I do not twitter, no Facebook either. No cell pone. Use traditional phone with the wire going into the wall. Totally happy with this setup!

  166. I totally relate to this. People are so disgusting! Twitter is a way for all those idiots to be able to believe they are celebrities or gods or just boost their egos so that they can forget how insignificant they really are. People are not just interested in reading others' tweets, they just want to talk about they're lives and believe they have "followers." Nobody fucking cares what you are doing, look at yourself, what makes you think what you say or do is so relevant to the world? Twitter is a reflection of how horrible, shallow and selfish people are. It's something that makes people think only about themselves and not to look at the world, and not to see what the fuck is going on, see that everthing is falling apart — pretty much the contrary of what some say, that social networks may help raise awareness about social issues and promote collaboration and integration…

  167. When trying to read peoples' twitter posts, I can't even follow what people are trying to communicate, it just look like a bunch SPAM. I guess I am really just frustrated in humanity about all the stupid hype over it. Facebook is way better IMO.

  168. Twitter is a load of rubbish, It is fundamentally a service which already exists in other forms.
    Why it has become so popular is a joke.

    The irony is it was spawned from the geeks on the west coast,which of course all the cool kids latched onto.

    This happened with Myspace, Bebo,Facebook and now Twitter.
    The irony is the geeks (and cool kids) all migrate to the new “next big thing” once this becomes popular the geeks & cool kids move on leaving all the middleaged old farts lingering on the service.
    This will happen with Twitter in the next 18 months when the next social networking API / Website is unleashed on the world.
    It is probably in development right now at somewhere like MIT lol

    I do not use Facebook,Myspace,Youtube,Bebo or any of these sites, I originally signed upto them all,but after 48hrs i could see these are all pointless data farms 😀

    I had a Twitter account for about 4 days,Initially i did enjoy abusing so called Celebrities with abuse and foul language, however this initial fun was soon lost when i realised how self deprecating and pretentious Twitter really is.

  169. LMAO!! I just love the comments on here! I couldn't agree more about Twitter. Why on earth should I care what a friend of mine is doing 24 hours a day? In turn, why should they care what I'm doing? I do use Facebook, but I use it sparingly, and usually only to find people I haven't seen for years. I never use the "status" feature because, frankly, my life is not significant enough to think that others should care what my status is.

    I feel the same about texting too. I've never understood why someone would rather spend 20 minutes texting back and forth with a friend, rather than just picking up the fucking phone, say what needs to be said, and be done with it in 2 minutes. As a society, are we that afraid of personal contact that we prefer to only communicate behind a keyboard or keypad? Technology has brought us wonderful inventions where we can stay in touch with those that are important to us, yet we prefer to simply type the most inane thoughts that come to our minds.

    It really is a sad statement for all of humanity.

  170. all my friends like twitter but i really can't see why they do!!! Seriously, what is the appeal!!? i'd much rather spend my time with my friends out shopping or something.

  171. Unless Twitter come s up with a more complex search engine, it will eventually go the way of Yahoo, Netscape , AOL and the others. Understanding the model is streamline (less traffic, more micro, exclusive,etc), yet someone will come up with an idea to involve the more casual user, find way to incorporate its base, it will lose traction..

  172. Agreed. My biggest laugh is watching a table of 3 or 4 mindless 17-y.o. tawts sitting there with their emo makeup, stupid tight skinny jeans that don't fit over their muffin tops, texting away on their phones like little obsessed hookers while ostensibly "having lunch together."

    It's a flucking addiction, pure and simple.

    ( naughty words misspelled)

  173. Twitter sucks yes but so does facebook I mean come on people Myspace is so much better. You can actually play music on myspace and its much more creative. Stick to the basics people and make sure companies like this that try to ruin a good thing don't succeed in dumbing down the world.

  174. When twitter started I used them to get my weekly horoscopes. Now it's impossible because so many people are on tweeting every second. I find it better just to go to the site.

  175. I'm starting to agree with a lot of people who say twitter is pointless and lame, because it really is, come to think of it. I don't care if people want to follow me or unfollow me, that's why I deleted mine. Plus, nobody needs to know your business!

  176. Theres so much as could be said about twitter

    on my experience using twitter,

    It makes all as it says that will do, and sure, it have an awful costumer service, the worst as i have seen on so much time,

    Twitter developers think that they have a tool so perfect that nobody will need help,

    i mentioned, no personal, no direction to blogs, just a help page when find something is ridiculous complicated,

    If you write a mail to them, twitter takes days to answer, and sometimes never answer…

  177. I don't use it, but if people are doing fine and it's not completely pestering them as something they have to do, then I guess it's not much of a concern. But I do laugh when celebrities use Twitter to say their opinions about so-and-so's death or business. I figure they use it to answer what people are wondering quick and easy, and that would be understandable. But it sometimes looks so lame–like they are only doing it to show that they said something and, that it was brought to you by Twitter. Most likely get someone to type it for them…Using silly text lingo during odd times, no matter how serious or how old they are, just to sound like how they think their fans are. "My <3 goes out to u and ur family. Sry ur lyfe was so difficult. RIP 4evr"—like what was that?

  178. Here we are almost 3 years after your post, and guess what? The number twits(twitters) is getting bigger and bigger. Funny, really to see all this idiots cought in a web of crap, making it bigger and bigger every day. But, some see twitter as a seo technique, some see it as a good spamming opportunity, and it doesnt stop there. Hey, it has alexa rank 12 so its normal people will start looking for exploits or benefits from it. Me, I dont have an account, I wont make one, I was just curios if there were other people thinking if it sucks.
    By the way, you do realise the creators of twitter saw this blog of yours and had a good laugh about it, don't you?

  179. As a web publisher I have heard that Twitter is the best thing going today for marketing. Yes, I too fell for it. I spent two weeks doing the twitter thing, following all of the advice that others give saying it works for them.

    The only thing I found in it was another Yahoo Groups, it is nothing but spammer’s spamming other spammer’s.

    It will last about as long as Yahoo Groups (only spammers use it to spam each other) once people get tired of all the spam, sorry, marketing.

  180. i hate twitter in a diffrent way. even though i really need microblogging for my life, i just hate it's environment. but in another microblogging site, Plurk, the users there race FTW of karma.

  181. i think that it's a little hypocritical to rant on how twitter sucks, and it does, then give a screen name for twitter and ask people to follow you. anyway twitter is useless to people that actually do thing during the day and who are too busy to be bombarded with the SMS messages.

  182. Im sorry but I have to disagree, is it three years ago or now, twitter is still the choice for celebs, kids and everyday adults, the only reason is, it joins people. You would never know the power of tweets unless you really explore around twitter, I do not care whether anyone would say anything about my comment but, get a life, this sentence you're giving is just an excuse of why twitter sucks.

  183. Twitter is hard and anal retentive (to be successful) work for businesses. It is a time waster for small businesses with limited marketing resources and a limited to nonexistent budget.

    On a personal note, there are people that think they are Twitter superstars. They have a ton of followers for rarely follow others even if you retweet their messages (of importance) and recommend them to others. I find that rude. It to me seems like a high school type atmosphere.

    I still use Twitter and am thinking about giving it up.

  184. twitter is the pet rock of this millenium.

    a that's a multmillion $ idea…really? is this a sign of what happens to a species with a lack of a natural predator or a by product of the previous generation lead painting everything -even themselves -and dropping acid while pregnant?

  185. I'm into YouTube. It's got the music I love that I can't get anywhere else in the world. As for Twitter, it's all fake. Go get some friends you can see face to face.

  186. Twitter didn't help my business at all. But I still use it sparingly. I just think people are pretty mundane and don't have a lot to say, but they feel COMPELLED to say it anyway. I guess they subscribe to the "remove all doubt" theory of life. Some of the tweets are good, but since I don't follow celebrities and people who THINK that they are witty, I am bored for the most part. I have to say that I don't get much of the blow by blow because I stop following people who even consider that drivel method of communication.

    Facebook was also a bust for my business, but some, actually MOST, of my friends use it, so to keep up I continue to have an account. I can't post most of what I do because it could negatively affect my business, so that page is pretty sparse.

    Just got a business loan yesterday for some new computers and such. Didn't get it using either. The guy and I were standing in a long line and we got to talking about business and such. The next week, I got a call and he said they could work with me. Sometimes the old way works just as well. (And yes he has both Twitter and Facebook!)

  187. very good read here. twitter is pointless. but it is kinda interesting just to know what the celebs are doing. but at the same time, twitter is boring. i mean it's like sending a text to the world. why do you want everybody to know your business anyways? i had twitter for over a year, then i saw no point to it anymore, and i deleted it last week. but overall, social sites will always be around because stupid people with no lives will always use them.

  188. The Friends always or Friend and way of living sports actions topic events, making a song every video games, and the hole dimension of eggs in a rite initially of the game. A few individuals are in this observe is pretty dull, Pal is not a easy restoration. Asli pals even tougher to find. So, whilst friends will not be easy. Then, once we are buddies we’ve got now put in is making an attempt to stick the friendship alive. We are able to paintings with others in rather a lot of techniques over to create and convey nearer to us.

  189. Why twitter is really not worth it… there are many reasons why people use twitter, but the facts show that only 8% of americans use twitter, (92% do not) the fact remains is that based on internet traffic and internet sources ,

    it just doesn't make since on the business or even getting noticed side to use twitter. just for an example my website/blog(internet company- (internet experience for the last 15+ years, which provides high quality content and my own services and features alone reaches 20-30% of online users which visit my site on a regular basis, (3-4 times more then twitter) an average of around 3,000 visitors daily.

    (when i had twitter only about 2% of users from twitter even checked my tweets- that is a difference of nearly 18-28% and only 20-30 users on average daily. Not only is twitter using there technology for there own benefit and revenue,

    but it really doesn't benefit the user in the long run, doesn't even make since for ROI (return of investment) for the internet. an example is currently without twitter I get 900,000 visitors a year to my site, compared to a lousy, 10,000 estimated viewers/500 followers a year from twitter. that would be a loss of 90% yearly compared to my own effort getting my customers and readers…, if i used twitter.

    In general celebrities and high profile people would get better possible investment starting there own website/or internet service online. if they put the effort into it.

  190. I'm probably going to receive a MILLION "thumbs down" responses and that's okay. Every one is entitled to their opinion. That's life.

    With that said, I think Twitter is lovely. It's customizable, it's easy to use, simple, it allows you to keep in contact with people in a very quick and responsive way, and I also think Twitter is neat.
    When I say "neat", I mean clean. On Facebook, the "wall" becomes too crowded too fast with things that are just meaningless, weird, and just lame. There's all these spam posting, rediculous games, and people going truly psychotic on it.

    Like everything, Twitter does have it's cons along with it's pros. That's just normal. I do agree that a lot of people get a little too personal when they send out certain "tweets", but for the mature people on Twitter, it's very beneficial.

    Quick, easy, clean, and convenient.

    I realize that this is not a blog about Facebook but I'd like to say that Twitter trumps Facebook. Heck, anything trumps Facebook.

  191. I went to your "top ranked web site" and it is probably the worst Homer Simpson looking web page I have ever visited. You may actually be better off with a twitter account. There is NO WAY 3000-4000 people a day are intentionally going to your web site, seriously dude, look at it…

  192. Twitter's flaw is that it's amazingly limited and that limitation-posting your status- offers nothing new or useful. I will never understand what is so popular about posting to the world what you're doing very 10 minutes.

  193. waht kind of civilized intelligent society–would even consider using anything as dumb dumb and DUMB as twitter__–the name, the concept…are people just stupid or messed up? what is wrong with this society…fine i can get facebook being 'popular' on some level but..twitter?? I think a 4 year old came up with it or soem college student on crack…and peopel actually LIKE it and use it…and wtf??? thats like someone saying…Ok let's create a website called "let's chat" and u can chat and post about yourself…here do it…and everyone is like…omg!!! let's chat?? and the news is talking about let's chat and celebs are posting on it!! yippiee!! this society is whacked seriously…i dont get it…i guess people are losing brain cells or something is going on ..

  194. I like e-mail .. sweet and simple.
    is can send short messages "what's up?"
    I can send long messages – but will not bore you with the details
    i can include one
    or i can include many..
    i can send it in text.. in html or even in video included or in attachments.
    i can encrypt it .. or send it unsecured
    i can filter , block or just ignore to read your message

  195. twitter sucks and is overrated. Why people will waste their time on that tripe is something that will never make any sense. facebook is nearly as bad. its one reason why society now is terrible, because people rely on these pathetic sites to socialize

  196. twitter is rubbish. After hearing its endless popularity I finally decided to join see what all the fuss is about.
    1st you can only type 2 sentences so theres no room for any intelligent conversation
    2nd you have to type shorthand because you are limited to 2 sentences. A major website is promoting bad spelling and grammar and degeneration of language skills
    3rd it is full of code and shorthand that new people cant understand. I replied to someone who sent me a coded message asking them what it means and got banned because it was dodgy code- then when I wrote asking why I filled out a long form and it said sorry unable to submit the ticket please try again later

  197. Twitter fucking sucks….NO help in trying to post…keeps getting sent into cycle of positive comments. They def seem to be in cahoots with govt. I loathe them. With my innocent attempt to share a post with a friend in DC. Twitter has made it impossible, and in my mind, intentionally blocked my post. Boo twitter

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